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Podcast & Blog Interviews for Stuck in the Game

Over the last three weeks I’ve been interviewed for my new book by blogs, newspapers and on the radio. I finally have been given enough links to justify doing a post about it on here. Time for some shameless narcissisim! Here … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Film Adaptation

Maximum Ride was one of the first books that got me into audiobooks when I was a teen, a love affair that is still going on to this day. The portrayal of this young adult, bio punk book series, featuring winged … Continue reading

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A Visual Tour of Stuck in the Game

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Voted Best Tales Game

When writing my favorite anime and books lists, I’m not afraid to admit to using a bit of confirmation bias, after all they’re my favorites. But when doing a ‘best of’ list, I need to crank out something a little more … Continue reading

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The best Tales games

Frequently in the Top 6 Tales of Xillia/2 (3 Times) Tales of Phantasia (4 Times) Tales of Graces F (5 Times) Most Commonly in the Top 3 Tales of Symphonia (5 Times) Tales of the Abyss (7 Times) Highest Number of … Continue reading

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Some Garbage I Found in my Letterbox Today

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Luck Had Nothing To Do With It

To say that Graf Straydor was the luckiest pilot in the world would be equivalent to saying that mayflies were lucky to have such short lifespans. He had survived more near-death encounters during battle than anyone else alive, all the … Continue reading

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Shhh… Don’t Tell Feminism

Here’s an anecdote from my university days, which I’d tell you actually happened, but obviously you can be as skeptical of it as you choose to be. To get enough credits to do some writing courses, I did a few humanities classes. … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Game at ComicCon!

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Fucking Vampire Fiction

About halfway through writing my newest book I made a sudden realization about urban fantasy and paranormal tropes. Depending on how intrinsic they are to the book, they can quite easily be replaced with others, whether they exist already or … Continue reading

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