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Breaking Final Fantasy Games

Most of the Final Fantasy games are broken, some more so than others. A few of them can be broken by glitches, others just through elements of the game that were overlooked before they were released. Considering I’ve only played … Continue reading

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5 Story Pitches #2 [Please Vote!]

With about 50 votes on my poll ‘What Story Premise Sounds Better?’, the premise; ‘Advanced gaming system becomes a coma patient’s only link to reality’ won out. Coincidentally, this was also the premise of the light novel I wrote on my … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower by Stephen King [Fantasy Retrospect]

King is an interesting guy. It’s almost like he’s become so famous a writer that he can put whatever he wants in his stories because he knows it’s going to sell. This freedom gives both high and low points to … Continue reading

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