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Reviews for Stuck in the Game – Round One

The reviews are in and they’ve been pretty good so far (mostly four stars, which I can live with). Here are a few of the blogger reviews that gave spotlights to the book on their respective blogs. You should go … Continue reading

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Ready… Steady… Book Launch!

My novel STUCK IN THE GAME is now available on Amazon! Anyone who wants to buy it on sale for a few bucks, now’s your chance. For those who want a hard copy, you’ll be able to order it from … Continue reading

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Heroes Die by Matthew Stover [Book Review]

If Heroes Die was a stand alone book it would be my second favorite novel just under The Way of Kings. Alas it is not stand alone, and each sequel that follows it is as inferior as the last. Even … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower by Stephen King [Fantasy Retrospect]

King is an interesting guy. It’s almost like he’s become so famous a writer that he can put whatever he wants in his stories because he knows it’s going to sell. This freedom gives both high and low points to … Continue reading

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The Shattered Sea and First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie [Fantasy Review]

How can one describe their favorite series accurately, let alone the complete works of one of their favorite authors? Although reviews are generally subjective, saying that it’s great, excellent or a masterpiece seems a little too subjective. If I were to … Continue reading

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Armada by Ernest Cline [Book Review]

The second Ernest Cline book, Armada, is not as good as his first novel. There, you don’t have to read any further unless you want to know why this is the case. Now remember, not as good doesn’t mean bad … Continue reading

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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline [Book Review]

With Steven Spielberg set to direct a film adaptation of this book, reading Armada and also being able to shamelessly relate it’s similarities to my own light novel I’m posting on this blog, I thought I should write a review of Ready Player … Continue reading

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