5 Story Pitches #2 [Please Vote!]

bakuman-takagi-akitoWith about 50 votes on my poll ‘What Story Premise Sounds Better?’, the premise; ‘Advanced gaming system becomes a coma patient’s only link to reality’ won out. Coincidentally, this was also the premise of the light novel I wrote on my blog, and the TRUE ENDING of which will be available when I get the whole novel professionally edited. Now it’s time to vote on another set of premises. Here are 5 more story pitches that I would like to see which one everyone thinks sounds better.

Pitch 1: Weakness

Underground kidnapping syndicate controlled by a corrupt politician starts to crumble when one of its underlings gains a conscience.

Pitch 2: People of the Sun

With human colonialism spreading throughout the universe, a black market for Starcores has given rise to a conflict between pirates and those that oppose them.

Pitch 3: The King in the Mountain

 Young man who goes searching for a dormant hero to stop an encroaching enemy discovers that his journey turned him into the hero he was searching for.

Pitch 4: Black Harry

Airship entrepreneur uses his Machiavellian wit to stop his processions from being used in the oncoming war.

Pitch 5: Amaterasu

When a superhero dies, the ancient fire spirit that gave him his power is passed down to his son, who is far from hero material.

Please vote in the poll on the left.

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5 Responses to 5 Story Pitches #2 [Please Vote!]

  1. Silvachief says:

    3 or 4 sound best to me. I ended up voting 4 because i’d be interested in a premise that wouldn’t necessarily revolve around action.

  2. honya says:

    Personally, I think #3 & #5 sound the most interesting to me, largely because they sound like they’d have the most character growth. But all of the premises could be interesting with the right characters.

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