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Accel World [Anime/Light Novel Review]

This is the first anime in a while that I’ve decided to keep on my hard drive for a re-watch, that alone gave it enough credit to write a review for it. In a book shop near where I live … Continue reading

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5 Modern Authors You Should Definitely Try

Here are some recent authors (published after 2005) that I would suggest anyone to pick up in the future if you ever see them in a book store. Other authors published before 2005 won’t be included so if you don’t see … Continue reading

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Violence by Gender in Anime (With Animations!)

I love fictional violence, hell, even if it’s a portrayal of violence that actually happened in the past I’d like to see it. My favorite genre along with Psycho-Thriller is Action and if you can tell me a more accurate word … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop Made Me Cry [Anime Retrospect]

2001 – I remember the year because it was my 1st year of Intimidate School when Neon Genesis Evangelion stopped airing on Cartoon Network’s Adultswim. Replacing it was 3 shows that I didn’t give the warmest welcome to because there … Continue reading

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