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My Kinda Geek Recommendations

I love recommendation websites. I find them the best way to learn about new books to try. My Kinda Geek is a website I discovered on Facebook that is building a great list of “If you like that then you should … Continue reading

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Are these newer anime worth watching?

Twice a year, I find that there are enough interesting new anime to look into what I might want to watch and ask my anime informed readers “Are these never anime worth watching?” This is the list from the first … Continue reading

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[Announcement] Top 50 Fantasy Books *2016 UPDATE!*

My biggest announcement of the year (& why I haven’t been posting much for the last two months) needs a bit of a drum-roll. So I thought, what better drum-roll than an updated list of the genre this announcement is … Continue reading

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The Shattered Sea and First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie [Fantasy Review]

How can one describe their favorite series accurately, let alone the complete works of one of their favorite authors? Although reviews are generally subjective, saying that it’s great, excellent or a masterpiece seems a little too subjective. If I were to … Continue reading

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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline [Book Review]

With Steven Spielberg set to direct a film adaptation of this book, reading Armada and also being able to shamelessly relate it’s similarities to my own light novel I’m posting on this blog, I thought I should write a review of Ready Player … Continue reading

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Are these newer anime worth watching?

I understand that when it comes to the anime watching community there are different layers to the filtering system that determines the good from the bad and the popular from the unpopular. There those at the top of this system … Continue reading

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5 Modern Authors You Should Definitely Try

Here are some recent authors (published after 2005) that I would suggest anyone to pick up in the future if you ever see them in a book store. Other authors published before 2005 won’t be included so if you don’t see … Continue reading

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Challenge: Recommend Me A Good Anime

Pretty straight forward right? Well maybe it will become more of a challenge when you see what I’ve watched. Comment your recommendations or send me a post of your own list of recommendations.

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