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G-senjou no Maou – Otoko no Hanamichi (The Road to Glory) [Music Review]

Now I know G-senjou no Maou isn’t fantasy or an anime but that doesn’t stop it from being amazing and this track always reminds me just how much. Exciting, fast paced and in the background to one of the coolest … Continue reading

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Chaos;Head [Visual Novel Review]

What do you get when you cross a murder mystery thriller with science fiction? Most of you will automatically think of Bladerunner or Minority Report or any number of Philip K. Dick novels but what if the main character isn’t … Continue reading

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Berserk [Anime/Manga Retrospect] SPOILERS FOR THE ANIME!!!

This is the anime that many of us think of when crossing fantasy and anime. Berserk is an epic fantasy anime and manga series which is very popular in both Japan and western countries and has sold over 31 million copies … Continue reading

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Let’s Begin!

“The word fantasy is supposed to evoke any wondrous scenario the imagination can conjure but for some reason we keep coming back to the elves and dwarves!” – BEN “YAHTZEE” CROSHAW I believe the word fantasy shouldn’t be limited to the … Continue reading

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