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Watching Things More Than Once

Note: “Watching” in this post will apply to reading, listening, playing, and every other means in which people consume media. We are flooded with a never ending, updating mountain of media to consume. It’s almost gotten to the point that people … Continue reading

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Just the Plot: Cowboy Bebop

Have you ever wondered what some anime would have been like if they had not been dominantly stand alone episodes and instead just stuck to the main plot of the story? In ‘Just the Plot’, I’m going to be taking classic anime … Continue reading

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Best Anime Fight Scene Countdown: 5th – 1st place (The Seinen 5)

5. No more kid gloves, from now on these fights are for adults. Beginning the 2nd part of this list is the final fight of one of my favorite seinen anime; Fate/Zero. Guns, magic, melee and hand-to-hand, ‘Kirei vs Kiritsugu’ … Continue reading

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Cowboy Bebop Made Me Cry [Anime Retrospect]

2001 – I remember the year because it was my 1st year of Intimidate School when Neon Genesis Evangelion stopped airing on Cartoon Network’s Adultswim. Replacing it was 3 shows that I didn’t give the warmest welcome to because there … Continue reading

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