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[Anime Review] Gungrave

For newcomers to this series, here are two ways to make watching it more enjoyable: Firstly, as I mentioned in this post, you should definitely skip the first episode. Episode 1 is literally scene-for-scene episode 18 so not only does … Continue reading

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The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire

Before I get too sentimental here, this post is a questionnaire I got tagged to do by Kai from Deluscar. If you want to go straight to that just scroll past these next 2 paragraphs. When I first got into blogging … Continue reading

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Best Anime Fight Scene Countdown: 5th – 1st place (The Seinen 5)

5. No more kid gloves, from now on these fights are for adults. Beginning the 2nd part of this list is the final fight of one of my favorite seinen anime; Fate/Zero. Guns, magic, melee and hand-to-hand, ‘Kirei vs Kiritsugu’ … Continue reading

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