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Sometimes saying “No” to a publishing contract is your best option

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New Concept Art

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Chapter 6: A bit of action doesn’t make up for the last 5 Chapters being mostly exposition

Sol trembled in fear for just a moment before his instincts kicked in. He ran on the dirt track, making his way to the three-storied orphan’s residence on the second floor. Before he could even get to the stairs, a red beam of light shot through the open doors and windows of the hut. What followed were the screams and children and balls of flame that rose from windows and up the walls, blackening the plaster.


He screamed in horror as the large eye of the cyclops looked down on him. As the glow of light filled the slit underneath its armor, something deep seemed to pull from inside him. The red light shot out in a line, ready to burn alive like it had the children. With a gasp, the pulling sensation became a push and he winced at the blast.

It doesn’t hurt, it’s warm!

Jets of heat rose up on either side of him. He opened his eyes to see that where the line hit him, it split like he was at the center of a Y. However, instead of hitting me, the beam deflected and hit the buildings in the wooden village behind. It had got right over the gap of the river. The log cabins burned quickly, the warm night wind catching at the flame and spreading it to other homes.

– ABILITY UNLOCKED: DIVIDER – Continue reading

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Chapter 5: Introducing your main character in Chapter 5 might be a bit too late

The painting does resemble her a little, but there’s something missing.

Heron Soloman, or Honest Sol as the orphans called him, was no painter. He had failed to capture how the light caught her copper hair, which used to turn it a fiery orange. He continued to tinker with it, the second layer of paint making parts better but others much worse. It was late in the afternoon by the time he was finished and even then he wasn’t satisfied. Still, he felt he’d done a better job than last time he had tried to capture her face.

He had thought that each time he tried, it would bring focus to his vision so he would stop seeing the glowing script that always appeared there.


Painting plus one? Damn it, if I’m going insane enough to start seeing things why couldn’t it have been something useful? Continue reading

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[Announcement] Paperback Release of Back in the Game!!!

Both Stuck in the Game and Back in the Game have been available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for a few months but there are still people out there who prefer reading books the old fashion way. If you want a pretty cover and to feel the pages as they slide over your fingers, you can! Happy now? Click here to BUY MY FUCKING BOOK! *heavy breathing*

Honestly, there’s been so many delays for Gods of the Mountain you might as well get into this series instead, book 3 is more likely to come out before it does anyway. The paperbacks have been released alongside the Kindle Unlimited versions on Amazon. Give it a go if you haven’t already, give me a scathing review if you have, or maybe a good one if you liked it, and then we’ll be best friends forever.

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Chapter 4: Beginning a story at chapter 4 is not the best way to go about writing a book

Tessa Belle was lying on the back of Graytail listening to the new Shingle single when there was a flutter in the air. Maybe it was because she had never been this far out of the outer circle but she sat up in a panic and was suddenly on guard. If Graytail had been a real cat and not a machine, its fur would have been standing on end. She pulled off her noise-blocker headphones and heard the rumbling of crunching armored footfalls. Panic hit her and she shot to her feet.

Marauders… this far out?

However, as she got a closer look at the dust on the horizon and pulled out her binoculars, she saw she had been wrong. Those silver and red colors could only mean one thing: a battalion of Clerics. They were coming at speed, five in all, their massive mechanized bodies with their singular red eyes coming closer with every second. Tessa knew she wouldn’t be able to outrun them, their armor was far superior to Graytail’s. Still, she pushed the release to open the cockpit and jumped into the seat as the visor lowered.

She hesitated before starting the engines. They can’t be after me, can they?

Trepidation filled her. She knew if she took off that not only would they outrun her, but her very fleeing would cause them to start the chase, thinking her to be a heathen on the run from Mason’s lessons. She had to find a way to, if not make herself invisible, then at least make herself less noticeable out here in the middle of nowhere.

“Gray, activate top parachute.”

At her command, a massive gray chute exploded from between the armor’s shoulder blades and spread out over the length of its top half. She couldn’t tell if it covered all of Graytail’s long body but she didn’t have time to get out and check while sticking to her plan of not drawing attention to herself. She did the only thing she could do. She sat and she waited as the roaring armors drew closer. Continue reading

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