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My Rewrite of Another Author’s 1st Chapter

The trees around me sway as their branches catch in the breeze. Four fat rabbits rest in my hunting sack, its bottom soaked with their blood. As scrounging for food went, it was a successful outing. We wouldn’t go hungry tonight.

I hike through the forest, making my way home, my fist clenched tightly around the neck of the sack. It’s not like wildlife is hard to come by in Sunnan, but if I had been only hunting for myself, it wouldn’t have taken up most of my day.

From the reactions I usually receive upon my return, I get the impression Herinda and Grinden don’t appreciate the effort I put into making sure they have food to eat. They are still used to everything being provided for them by our parents, but they aren’t around anymore. Continue reading

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New Announcement

super-dungeon-treffin-art-860x420Here’s the announcement of a project I’ve been working on with several other authors.


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“General, they’re charging up the hill. Should we shoot?”
“General, they’re well within firing range.”
“General, they’re on our toes, sir!”
“General, we’re being overru—ah!”
“Necromancer, your army has been slaughtered. Surrender or we will claim your life also.”

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Dream State Saga

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Another hurtle toward the triple digits has been passed.

Thank you, Maestro, for being my 300th follower!

Posts will follow.


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My first Audiobook has been released!

Any audiobook lovers out there, because Gods of the Mountain has been published as one. If this medium is your preference, this easily is the best example of my writing to date.
It hasn’t yet had a single bad review! XD

For the reviews:

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