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Turns out I’ve been barking up the wrong tree as far as Stuck in the Game‘s genre goes!
With its science fiction elements, I assumed cyberpunk was the genre I should be selling it under. I had no idea that there was already a pre-made genre with its own community and platform on social media. As someone who has published a book in this genre recently and has a sequel on the way, this is almost the equivalent of getting a soft re-release for my potential series, the DREAM STATE SAGAFor anyone interested, you can check out their hashtagFacebook groups or website, which I will be appearing on in the future.

As for what LitRPG is, it’s a genre acronym that speaks for itself: Literature focusing on Role Playing Games. This can be executed via science fiction elements with a character interacting with a VR gaming world or via fantasy elements by magic drawing the player into the gaming world itself. Of course, this is nothing new. Many works in many mediums in this genre have been around for a very long time, but the genre has only recently been popularized. As one of the more recent authors to be traditionally published in this genre, I’m more than willing to jump on the bandwagon and promote my books under it.

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Steins;Gate [Anime Review]

steinsgate-castThe term ‘modern classic’ has been thrown around recently, and being guilty of using it myself, I thought I should define what I mean when I use the term as far as anime goes. I consider a modern classic in anime ‘a series that has maintained a consistently high rank by multiple 100K-up voted on polls for over a decade’ (e.g. Code Geass). Having been ranked in the top five for MAL, Anime Encyclopedia and many other 100K-up voted on sources for the last five years, my prediction is that Steins;Gate will be among the next lot of anime I would consider modern classics. Truth is, I’d love it either way.

As most time travel stories go, Steins;Gate begins with the discovery of a working time machine by eccentric mad scientist Okabe Rintaro and his crew of oddball friends, which grows throughout the series. After a few accidental and purposeful uses of this machine, Okabe, the only one to keep his memories from previous timelines, notices how the butterfly effect has affected the world and his friend’s lives. However, his actions have not gone unnoticed by powerful groups of people. After the death of one of his friends during a raid of his lab, he retraces each change made in order to get back to the timeline where their death is not an inevitability. Continue reading

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What is the Culture War?

An Attempt to Understand 

I’m honestly asking. I’ve heard the term being used so many times in the context of articles and youtube videos that I think I’m beginning to puzzle together what it might be. This essay is a compilation of what I’ve gathered so far, but I’d love any assistance or new information others might have to offer. Now to call something a war you usually need two or more sides, and I’m sure there are more than just two sides to this “war,” so the first task to understanding it will be to understand the different sides. Continue reading

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G-senjou no Maou (The Devil on G-String) [Visual Novel Review]

headerG-senjou no Maou (The Devil on G-String) is easily my favorite visual novel.
It somehow achieved an atmosphere that many urban fantasy books struggle to create without a lick of the supernatural or magic, instead using crime and mystery as the linchpin for its balance of character and conflict. At the heart of this is Maou himself, a villain who, like The Joker from The Dark Knight, totally owns both the story and protagonists throughout. The only fault in it is in being restricted to the visual novel story structure and medium. Despite this, I can’t imagine any other medium doing it justice and pray there is no future adaptation for it (unless directed by Tetsurō Araki).

By day, Azai Kyousuke is an ordinary high school student, by night, he’s a ruthless financier working for his gangster father’s underworld business. When Usami Haru transfers into his school, a mysterious man who calls himself “Maou” also arrives and starts causing havoc. Haru is determined to defeat this mysterious figure and inevitably involves Kyousuke and his friends with her plans. Maou starts up a deadly game of cat and mouse with Haru and her friends, raising the stakes involved for the protagonists with each move that he makes. Kyousuke and Haru are forced to race against time before each of Maou’s criminal plans are set into action. Continue reading

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NIHILIHIN 1: Post-Project Depression

4750f21b04ff71ba3c099163f120916bOnce prosperity in the city reached its highest point, depression and suicide rates soared. Why was it that when everyone had all they needed to survive, they all suddenly decided they wanted to die? Without the driving will to gain what they needed to live, it was as though their motives were drowned in apathy, as though the entire world had gone through an existential crisis and only those who found their own worth could continue living. From this, a new evolutionary process for humans beings began.

As a writer, this wasn’t a difficult transition. My worth wasn’t measured by what money or resources I could acquire, only by what meaning I could pull from an ultimately meaningless world. I know what you’re thinking, a nihilist writer seems like an oxymoron, but when your meaning is in itself an attempt to find meaning, the circular logic creates an odd equilibrium. Save to say that the times I wanted to kill myself the most were just after I’d finished a long project. I had to find something new soon, if I was to save myself. Continue reading

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The Political Egotism Conspiracy

f87de1210cfa5bd7ca3b1fd2648f6e73I’d been reading so many articles on censorship & language policing, ideologically driven misinformation spreading, diversity driven affirmative action, and childish overreactions to the stupidest things that it’s actually made me lose enough of my cultural elitism to realize something about identity politics and the current political climate in the west.

Besides religion, it seems that white guilt and feminism, along with other collectivist ideals, are simply becoming masochistic delusions corroding at the ends of what are essentially pretty decent liberal values. In fact, if you look at them, you’d see that classical liberal values are the very ideals that created the foundation of the movements which solved the core problems these people are still winging on about.

And so began another crazy conspiracy… Continue reading

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Anime Season 2 Hype 2017

toonami___flcl_is_back_by_jpreckless2444-d9wq7fcFor the first time in a long time I actually feel excited about a year’s line up of anime, dominantly because so many great anime stretching back from the year 2000 are finally getting second seasons, TV reboots and film sequels. I mean, holy shit, just look at this list!

Blue Exorcist (Season 2)
– January –

My Hero Academia (Season 2)
– April –cl58x06uoaapbvk

Attack on Titan (Season 2)
– April –

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel (Film 1 of 3)
– Mid 2017 –poster_promocional_heavens_feel_ufotable_ii

One Punch Man (Season 2)
– Mid 2017 –one-punch-man-season-2-201599-1280x0

Continue reading

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