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Ode to Joy [Anime/VN/Game Music Spotlight]

Each time I do a classical music spotlight for an anime and visual novel I always find a remixed version of it on G-Senjou no Maou. I think I’m going to have to do a post linking each of its BGM … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Your Way Goes With Everything

This is kind of but not really a anime music spotlight. Originally from Kill la Kill, this song (Actually called: Before My Body Is Dry)  goes with some pretty sick scene drops. Dragon Ball Z Nichijou Plastic Nee-san Godzilla Heck, even The … Continue reading

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Religion, Sexuality & Artistic Snobbery – Anime Articles on The Artifice

After having 3 articles published on The Artifice, I have had the pleasure of getting some of my articles a wider audience and further commentary. However, I feel that spending more time contributing to this website has given me less … Continue reading

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Episode-by-Episode & Film Analysis of Evangelion

Let me start off by listing down some of the analyses I’ve watched that I also respect: EM = Extended Metaphor Episode 1 – Angel AttackThe first thing that catches people off guard is the disappearing Rei in the street. … Continue reading

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What Older Anime Is Like For People Who Don’t Watch Anime

After months of showing a friend of mine who hadn’t watched any anime besides DBZ a collection of classic older anime series and films ranging from the late 80s to the early 2000s such as Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion, After Story, … Continue reading

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Getting Misrepresented by Others!!! [Let’s get to know each other better]

I generally wait until the weekend to post something but this frustrated the hell out of me. I know this is just going to be some pointless complaining but at least it’s something relevant to do with the blog that … Continue reading

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Evangelion Made Me An Atheist [Anime Retrospect]

I love Evangelion but I have so much nostalgia for it that I don’t trust myself to do an unbiased review, hence why I’m doing a retrospect instead. This anime changed my life in so many ways when I was … Continue reading

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