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Why eXistenZ is the Best Gaming Movie

David Cronenberg is a pretty well known director, his fame and style having been passed onto the younger generation from the term used for the freakish mutants in Rick & Morty. Despite being one of his later films, eXistenZ was … Continue reading

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Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan [Book Review]

The best book I read in 2016, which is about to be adapted into a Netflix series, Altered Carbon is for any fan of sci-fi like Ghost in the Shell or hard-boiled 1st-person narratives like the Dresden Files. Being a week away … Continue reading

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Fantasy or Sci-fi: Where should my priorities lie? [Poll]

Fantasy and Anime is considering a theme change. I’ve recently realized that the fantasy elements in the books I’m having published this year are all executed through the science fiction sub-genres and have been thinking of changing my blog’s theme to suit them. … Continue reading

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In my opinion, 2016 was…

… a pretty underrated year all up … Think about it, it was incredibly promising year Film-wise. We had an amazing film festival line-up that brought us Nocturnal Animals, Moonlight AND Arrival, probably the best alien film I’ve ever watched. … Continue reading

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Vicious by V.E. Schwab [Book Review]

Let’s start this media roll out with some dark contemporary fantasy. No matter what I have to say about the author of this book, Vicious has stayed in my memory as a great novel for two years since I read it. This … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Film Adaptation

Maximum Ride was one of the first books that got me into audiobooks when I was a teen, a love affair that is still going on to this day. The portrayal of this young adult, bio punk book series, featuring winged … Continue reading

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Luck Had Nothing To Do With It

To say that Graf Straydor was the luckiest pilot in the world would be equivalent to saying that mayflies were lucky to have such short lifespans. He had survived more near-death encounters during battle than anyone else alive, all the … Continue reading

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