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Discovering LitRPG

Turns out I’ve been barking up the wrong tree as far as Stuck in the Game‘s genre goes! With its science fiction elements, I assumed cyberpunk was the genre I should be selling it under. I had no idea that there … Continue reading

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NIHILIHIN 1: Post-Project Depression

Once prosperity in the city reached its highest point, depression and suicide rates soared. Why was it that when everyone had all they needed to survive, they all suddenly decided they wanted to die? Without the driving will to gain what they … Continue reading

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Manuscript Wish List Day & Novel Updates

                      #MSWL -Manuscript Wish List Day on the 8th: Literary agents will be updating what they want in real time (#MSWL)                   … Continue reading

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In my opinion, 2016 was…

… a pretty underrated year all up … Think about it, it was incredibly promising year Film-wise. We had an amazing film festival line-up that brought us Nocturnal Animals, Moonlight AND Arrival, probably the best alien film I’ve ever watched. … Continue reading

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MRW my publisher asks me if I can have the next book in a series ready in the next month (P.S. Stuck in the Game sequel 2017)

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An Author’s Most Important Paragraph

After years of submissions I’ve discovered the most important part of any query or cover letter for fiction submissions. This is the pitch, or the ‘mini-synopsis’ as I like to call it. It goes between the introduction and mini-biography and … Continue reading

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Wooden Horses – A Modern Retelling of The Iliad

Alex stopped outside the mansion. After seeing the seven-story limestone building, he frowned and looked down at the scrap of paper. Under a streetlight, it read 57 East 64th Street, NYC. “That can’t be right.” “Is this not right the … Continue reading

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