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The Kantai Collection Conspiracy

It would be funny if the punchline to this joke was a bunch of Japanese military officials all looking around in panic and screaming, “Oh no, hesu on tsu us!” Firstly, for those who have no idea of what the Kantai Collection … Continue reading

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Are these newer anime worth watching?

I understand that when it comes to the anime watching community there are different layers to the filtering system that determines the good from the bad and the popular from the unpopular. There those at the top of this system … Continue reading

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The Inspector Green Tag Questionnaire

Before I get too sentimental here, this post is a questionnaire I got tagged to do by Kai from Deluscar. If you want to go straight to that just scroll past these next 2 paragraphs. When I first got into blogging … Continue reading

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Amazing Final Fantasy VII Fight Scenes Not From Final Fantasy VII

Here are two of my favorite fighting cutscenes from gaming and though they both involve characters from Final Fantasy VII neither are from the Final Fantasy VII game itself. Firstly we have the fight scene between the SOLDIERS Angeal, Genesis … Continue reading

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What Do Visual Novels and Noir Mysteries Have In Common?

One of the first styles of film to become popular in America was Film Noir. Back in the days of black and white film the overarching monologue of the narrator and the minimalist silhouettes of the characters on a shadowy background were … Continue reading

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