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Anime that’s Way 2deep4u

Almost all anime created by Yoshitoshi Abe is what most people would define as 2DEEP4U, and yes that includes certain of the scenes from the Digimon Tamers series he directed. Serial Experiments Lain is Cyberpunk crossed with religious philosophy, Haibane … Continue reading

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Liebster nom nom nom X3

Yesh, two in one week. Oh well, time to answer 11 more questions. This Liebster nomination is from LynLyn at LynLynSays who I talked to on my The Problem with Romance Anime Post. Considering this one isn’t as much about fantasy … Continue reading

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Liebster nom nom nom X2

Another Liebster Award nomination, meaning it’s time to answer some questions from FiddleTwix from The Anime Madhouse. Liebster is like a chain-mail with good intentions in the internet circle-jerk that is anime blogging. Even Shinji can learn a lesson from this. 

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Concept Art For My Fantasy Trilogy

Last year I put up the concept art for Gods of the Mountain, the first book of my fantasy trilogy. Now that I’ve finished the trilogy and am passing out book three for beta readers to go through before sending it … Continue reading

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The Problem with Romance Anime

I have officially given up on romance anime. This isn’t because all romance anime is bad, though I personally think it is, but because I don’t like the romance genre in general. I haven’t enjoyed any romance novels I’ve read, … Continue reading

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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell [Mini-Series Review]

The all too common saying; “The book was better than the film/series” hasn’t been so accurate lately, at least with the films and television series I’ve been watching. I read the fantasy novel Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell novel three … Continue reading

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