Liebster nom nom nom X2

Another Liebster Award nomination, meaning it’s time to answer some questions from FiddleTwix from The Anime Madhouse. Liebster is like a chain-mail with good intentions in the internet circle-jerk that is anime blogging. Even Shinji can learn a lesson from this. tumblr_inline_n770al298B1sf3h99

532476491. Worst Plot Twist in an Anime? (Spoiler tags galore!)
When a shonen anime character says, “This isn’t even my final form!”  during a fight. It’s a meme now so it works more to make me laugh than surprise me.

2. What is Your Current Opinion on the First 2c066d533903458d9491204b315a16c05d7f21ed1f917037f7af5ccd7fd92ff0Anime You Ever Watched?
Pokemon: WTF, it’s still going… but how? Who even watches this shit anymore?!
3. What is Your Favorite Animation Studio?
Bones, because their fight choreography is amazing.

4. What Anime Character Do You Most Relate To?satou-11
Satou from Welcome to the NHK, just being honest.

5. Favorite Movie Genre?
I was beginning to lose hope in the action datftq51xj7yzkzyrp4vgenre until this year’s films reminded me why it was my favorite.

6. Favorite Drink?
Chocolate Milk.
7. Favorite ‘Fictitious’ Place?i2hiv7u7ajfyz1ovwvb5

8. Weirdest Outfit in an Anime?
A quick google search provided this:

9. Least Favorite Anime Opening Theme?
Lucky Star has everything I hate about anime in one series.



10. Favorite Weapon from a Movie, TV show or Anime? Double-ended Light-saber

11. Favorite Voice Actor? (From western cartoons or anime)SteveBlum2008
Steve Blum because he’s in almost everything.

I hope there’s no hurt feelings about me not passing this on but I know that the majority of bloggers I do follow have already been “nominated” and I’m unaware of any newer bloggers that haven’t. If anyone feels neglected from this feel free to say so in the comments and I will nominate you.

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2 Responses to Liebster nom nom nom X2

  1. Mack says:

    I had already forgotten everything about these awards, since I did it a long time ago. But it’s great that this thing still goes on.

    I thought when you said Heaven of a statue of Keanu Reeves to Kenny for winning the war hahaha.

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