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[Anime Music Spotlight] My Hero Academia – The Day

Here’s a secret, I enjoyed the My Hero Academia anime more than One Punch Man *gasp*. Despite it being a legit shonen manga and One Punch Man being a shonen comedy deconstruction, which is usually my preference, I got a … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Your Way Goes With Everything

This is kind of but not really a anime music spotlight. Originally from Kill la Kill, this song (Actually called: Before My Body Is Dry)  goes with some pretty sick scene drops. Dragon Ball Z Nichijou Plastic Nee-san Godzilla Heck, even The … Continue reading

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Clair de Lune [Anime/Game/VN Music Spotlight]

It’s been awhile but I’ve got a big announcement in store for later this year that will explain why. In the meantime, here’s another music spotlight that I’m a big fan of: Claude Debussy’s classic that’s in so many anime, VNs … Continue reading

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[Anime/VN Music Spotlight] Fate SN/UBW – Emiya Versions 1-4

Honestly, ‘Emiya’ is the background music I look forward to in every Fate anime adaptation I watch. Ever since I heard the original in the Fate Stay/Night visual novel and how it was adapted to the original anime and Unlimited … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight] Steins;Gate + Itou Kanako x2

Itou Kanako is by far my favorite Japanese singer and her voice alone can make visual novels or anime seem cooler than they actually are. Not that she hasn’t been on the OSTs of some amazing anime in the past … Continue reading

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Air on the G-String [Anime/Game/VN Music Spotlight]

I was going to leave this for last on my classical music in anime list but I’ve lately recalled so many other brilliant pieces that I will need to review in the future such as Suiten Fur, Kanon D-Dur, Beethhoven’s … Continue reading

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Gymnopedie [Anime/Game/VN Music Spotlight]

Originally written by French composer Erik Satie in 1888, this classic piano composition is used in a lot of anime, visual novels and games. Like in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film or the game Remember Me this is sometimes played as … Continue reading

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