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Top 20 Fantasy Characters [Male Version]

Here are my top 20 favorite characters from fantasy novels. Characters that are just Naturally Great: 20. Lan al’Mandragoran The Wheel of Time – Robert Jordan Reason: A leader, a sword master and a plain bad-ass. 19. Kvothe The King … Continue reading

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[Anime Review] Parasyte – The Maxim

Knowing how time affects my opinion of anime in how well the memory of a series ferments in my head, I thought I should do a review for this series when it was still fresh in my mind. Parasyte – The Maxim … Continue reading

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Love/Hate Reviews – The Farseer Trilogy

With yet another horrid book in this world having come out this year; ‘The Fool’s Assassin’ I can’t help but make a scathing review on how terrible the Farseer trilogy was. With every series being claimed to be ‘not as good … Continue reading

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Love/Hate Reviews – Afro Samurai

I haven’t written anything on this blog for a while. The reason for this is that every time I open up a post to write something new I end up staring at the blank screen feeling like I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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