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My fantasy short, A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning, has just been published. A partial reading was done by Rob Edwards on his podcast. And you can get the full story here: Amazon: Or free on KU:…/…/B07CV3CT1X Praise for A Beginner’s Guide to … Continue reading

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A Visual Tour of Stuck in the Game

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Ready… Steady… Book Launch!

My novel STUCK IN THE GAME is now available on Amazon! Anyone who wants to buy it on sale for a few bucks, now’s your chance. For those who want a hard copy, you’ll be able to order it from … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Game Cover Launch!

Check out the gorgeous cover art for my new novel, Stuck in the Game: Release date: August 4th

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The Votes Are In: Kidnapping Story Wins!

With over 50% of the votes, the premise, ‘Underground kidnapping syndicate controlled by a corrupt politician starts to crumble when one of its underlings gains a conscience’ won out over the other story ideas. Although I’ve written the first 3 … Continue reading

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5 Story Pitches #2 [Please Vote!]

With about 50 votes on my poll ‘What Story Premise Sounds Better?’, the premise; ‘Advanced gaming system becomes a coma patient’s only link to reality’ won out. Coincidentally, this was also the premise of the light novel I wrote on my … Continue reading

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In my opinion, 2015 was…

…the year when hype lost its novelty and where… Films were… reboots, sequels and inferior adaptions that became the default for the majority of directors, where newer and experimental films were awarded to only the more adventurous connoisseurs that will … Continue reading

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Some Questions on Light Novels

Some times I tend to write more articles showing my ignorance about a subject rather than try to enlighten people. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, yes, I have read some light novels, and this is half the reason why have these questions. … Continue reading

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[Drafting a Novel on a Blog] Chapter 2 – Winding Roads

Chapter 2 Winding Roads (This is usually when I move the focus of the narrative from a character to some kind of setting. I think this picture gives a somewhat accurate depiction of what I had in mind.) I hadn’t … Continue reading

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[Drafting a Novel on a Blog] Chapter 1 – The Time Traveling Arms Dealer

One of my favorite authors did something I hadn’t seen before. He wrote an entire book chapter-by-chapter as posts on his blog. Granted, it wasn’t his best book, but as a reader it was fun to follow, like getting a … Continue reading

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