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Science Fantasy (Via Post Apocalypse)

Science fantasy can be a difficult genre to pin down. I like to think of it either as a fantasy world created through sci-fi elements (e.g. post apocalypse, cyberpunk, space opera) or vise versa. Considering these bridging genres can be … Continue reading

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The Problem with Comedy Anime

You would think that comedy, a genre that is so polarizing because not everyone has the same sense of humor, would be the easiest genre to complain about. This should go doubly for a medium like anime in which the … Continue reading

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Reviews for Stuck in the Game – Round One

The reviews are in and they’ve been pretty good so far (mostly four stars, which I can live with). Here are a few of the blogger reviews that gave spotlights to the book on their respective blogs. You should go … Continue reading

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Paperback Version Now Available!

The paperback version of my book is now available here.

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Top 10 Batman Animated Films

Aside from my last post, there are parts of DC Comics that I do enjoy, mostly to do with Batman. So with that in mind here are my top 10-ish animated Batman films. Because these are all pretty great, I’ve … Continue reading

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Marvel vs DC: The Rotton Tomatoes Conspiracy

Whenever people defend or attack a Marvel or DC film, others always accuse them of being a Marvel or DC fanboy. At the moment Marvel films are doing better with critics, so if people complain about a DC film getting a … Continue reading

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My Respect for Subtlety

I heard something interesting the other day: that writer’s are illusionists. Like magicians using misdirection, authors and directors are supposed to develop characters with a clear motive. Whatever that motive may be, it can some times be used as misdirection … Continue reading

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