Reviews for Stuck in the Game – Round One

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00062]The reviews are in and they’ve been pretty good so far (mostly four stars, which I can live with). Here are a few of the blogger reviews that gave spotlights to the book on their respective blogs. You should go check them out, if only to read the full reviews and see how I cleverly cherry picked these excerpts to make my book seem much better than it is.
(What? At least I’m honest about it.)

“I very much enjoyed reading Stuck in the Game. It appeals to the gamer in me, but also to my love of sci-fi and fantasy stories.” – Honya of Honyabookshelf

Read full review here.

“I stayed up longer than I should have just to finish reading it, and not many books can get me to do that.” – Nihon Joe from My-SF

Read review here.

“if you are fans of anime such as No Game No Life or Sword Art Online, this is a young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel you should check out.” – Lyn from LynLynSays

Read full review here.

Not to forget, there are dozens more reviews on Goodreads and Amazon for the ebook and paperback versions and I look forward to Round 2 with a few more of my favorite bloggers. For my next post I should have some interviews and a podcast that I was on so that you can all hear my annoying, stuttering voice… ENJOY!

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