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[Anime Music Spotlight] Steins;Gate + Itou Kanako x2

Itou Kanako is by far my favorite Japanese singer and her voice alone can make visual novels or anime seem cooler than they actually are. Not that she hasn’t been on the OSTs of some amazing anime in the past … Continue reading

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[Fantasy Review] Codex Alera by Jim Butcher

I started reading this fantasy series in January and finished it in December. Though I read a few books in-between while deciding whether or not I should continue on with it I think I can say that this was definitely … Continue reading

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Liebster Nom… nom, nom, nom

I finally feel like I’m part of the club now. So I got nomed by Nyankoto for this Liebster thing and… well it’s kind of interesting because the only thing I know about the blogger is that they like Yaoi. I … Continue reading

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Anime You (Probably) Haven’t Watched Yet

After my top 50 anime post and my character design post I thought I should make a list of anime that may have some of the character designs that put people off but that still was amazing enough for me … Continue reading

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Character Designs that Put Me Off Anime

Working from the hair down, characters with hair styles that look like they are trying draw attention to themselves, be it from odd colors to extreme styles that not only would have taken hours to get that way (ask a … Continue reading

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