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[Guest Game Review] Final Fantasy XIV

With Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, and Final Fantasy being my favorite game series, NeverSoftly will be reviewing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward on my behalf: After the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 released back in 2011, SquareEnix shutdown and … Continue reading

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The Free Spirit Award (A Rant On Faith)

The majority of my posts these days are becoming responses to award nomination chain mails. So once again I’m going to respond in the most assholish way possible to see if anyone will continue sending them to me. This one … Continue reading

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Infinity Dream Award

What I like to do with these chain mail things is to answer the questions in the most assholish ways possible to see if anyone will choose me again. This time it’s the Infinity Dream Award. This one was sent … Continue reading

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[Anime Review] Gungrave

For newcomers to this series, here are two ways to make watching it more enjoyable: Firstly, as I mentioned in this post, you should definitely skip the first episode. Episode 1 is literally scene-for-scene episode 18 so not only does … Continue reading

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Creative Blogger Award

I got this award from L-zerb at Lzerbnaiva and considering it’s the first time I’ve gotten this one in particular, I thought I should be a good little blogger and follow through with it in most F’d way I could think of. … Continue reading

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On ‘Watching’ Games

I wouldn’t call myself a Gamer, not because I don’t like games but because I’m too poor to afford the technology I need to play most of them. However, I do have (just) enough technology to watch youtube and it … Continue reading

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Anime You Should Skip The First Episodes Of

  Berserk Chronology-wise the first episode of Berserk takes place after the last episode considering Guts already has his prosthetic arm and missing eye. Even though this is how it works in the manga, with his time with the Band … Continue reading

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My First Liebster Nomination from a Girl!

Considering Liebster Nominations are only given to bloggers with less than 200 followers, I think it could be considered as blog-shaming. I’m over halfway there, damn it! But in the mean time I’ll be wracking up these chain-mail questionnaires. But that’s … Continue reading

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