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Grudgingly Updating my Top 10 Fantasy List from 2017

For anyone familiar with my Top 50 Fantasy list, you would know that my Top 10 are what I consider my ‘Must-Reads’, so it’s a little difficult as time goes by to see my opinions on what my readers must … Continue reading

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In my opinion, 2016 was…

… a pretty underrated year all up … Think about it, it was incredibly promising year Film-wise. We had an amazing film festival line-up that brought us Nocturnal Animals, Moonlight AND Arrival, probably the best alien film I’ve ever watched. … Continue reading

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Has Bleach Really Ended? [Anime/Manga Retrospect]

Bleach is a bit of an anomaly. Although many long running shonen manga like Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist don’t always get picked up for a second season of its anime, not many of them get cancelled over 300 episodes in! Inuyasha … Continue reading

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What genre are the Final Fantasy games?

Each Final Fantasy game falls under various science fantasy sub-genres. The first is steam punk, being the loosest of these (and why I didn’t do a post explaining it) with the simple description of “technology in a past setting, yet … Continue reading

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Perfect Science Fantasy

My favorite game series are the Final Fantasy games,  particularly the later games (VI-XII). The reason for this is that, unlike the earlier games that use mostly classic fantasy aesthetics, they brilliantly utilize science fantasy through each of the bridging … Continue reading

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My Respect for Subtlety

I heard something interesting the other day: that writer’s are illusionists. Like magicians using misdirection, authors and directors are supposed to develop characters with a clear motive. Whatever that motive may be, it can some times be used as misdirection … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower by Stephen King [Fantasy Retrospect]

King is an interesting guy. It’s almost like he’s become so famous a writer that he can put whatever he wants in his stories because he knows it’s going to sell. This freedom gives both high and low points to … Continue reading

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The Problem with Sword Art Online (A Discussion with Silvachief from The Geek Clinic)

I have taken my Sword Art Online Retrospective down after I got into an in-depth discussion with Silvachief from The Geek Clinic. In it he pointed out that many of the problems I mentioned actually made sense in the context of the anime. If … Continue reading

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Anime You Should Skip The First Episodes Of

  Berserk Chronology-wise the first episode of Berserk takes place after the last episode considering Guts already has his prosthetic arm and missing eye. Even though this is how it works in the manga, with his time with the Band … Continue reading

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The Problem with Romance Anime

I have officially given up on romance anime. This isn’t because all romance anime is bad, though I personally think it is, but because I don’t like the romance genre in general. I haven’t enjoyed any romance novels I’ve read, … Continue reading

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