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Great Anime You Don’t Hear About Often

Note: Re-Posted this after changing the title to something more accurate. After posting my Anime Recommendations Timeline I noticed there were a few from my previous Top 50 list that didn’t make it. Some of the more popular anime I kicked … Continue reading

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Anime Recommendations: Timeline

Anime can either refine in your memory like fine wine or age like vinegar. Therefore recommendations are important, especially if you watch them again with whoever you’re recommending them to, for it allows you see if its quality lives up … Continue reading

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[Anime/VN Music Spotlight] Fate SN/UBW – Emiya Versions 1-4

Honestly, ‘Emiya’ is the background music I look forward to in every Fate anime adaptation I watch. Ever since I heard the original in the Fate Stay/Night visual novel and how it was adapted to the original anime and Unlimited … Continue reading

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Are these newer anime worth watching?

In January I wrote a post Are These Newer Anime Worth Watching? asking if Parasyte – The Maxim, Akame ga Kill or Tokyo Ghoul are worth watching. I have now finished watching all three of these anime so I’m going to do another … Continue reading

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Top 10 Anime Lists – Products of Groupthink & Confirmation Bias

Over the last 2 years of getting people into anime and meeting new anime watchers, I have recorded down each of their top 10 lists. What I found was that many of the lists had quite a few anime in … Continue reading

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Religion, Sexuality & Artistic Snobbery – Anime Articles on The Artifice

After having 3 articles published on The Artifice, I have had the pleasure of getting some of my articles a wider audience and further commentary. However, I feel that spending more time contributing to this website has given me less … Continue reading

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[Anime Review] Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

With the newest Fate series being released in English dub soon, I thought a spoiler free review was in order for anyone who hasn’t watched this anime yet. Let me get the obvious out of the way first. Firstly, yes, … Continue reading

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