Top 10 Anime Lists – Products of Groupthink & Confirmation Bias

3681758_1438449890102.17res_400_300Over the last 2 years of getting people into anime and meeting new anime watchers, I have recorded down each of their top 10 lists. What I found was that many of the lists had quite a few anime in common. This would only make sense with the people I was trying to get into anime because many of the anime I showed to these newbies were anime I considered to be ‘classics’. It also makes sense for the veteran watchers as well considering it’s only natural that I would get along with others with similar tastes to me. From these points, I came to the conclusion that a lot of the lists I was making were pointless because they were merely products of group-think and confirmation bias.

Here are the results of when I made these recordings, notice the similarities:Top 10 Lists

Anime Corrilations

From the realization made in the paragraph above, one can easily see how these correlations only say as much as that these are the anime that people with similar tastes to me enjoy. With this in mind, if any of these anime look like the generic popular anime that everyone has on their top ten list, well that it explains a lot about the kind of the anime these kinds of people watch and I can only make the assumption that the anime with 5 votes are popular for a reason.

Anyway, leave in the comments if you recognize any of these anime from your own top 10 anime list, other anime correlations you noticed in other lists and what anime you think might be on these lists in the future. I personally think Parasyte and Zankyou no Terror will show around certain sites when the next top anime of 2015 lists start popping up.

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2 Responses to Top 10 Anime Lists – Products of Groupthink & Confirmation Bias

  1. Silvachief says:

    Funny…one of those lists looks surprisingly like my own…
    Jokes aside, I should probably specify a top ten at some point because otherwise people will get it wrong >.< Also, i'll get back to you on Steins;Gate when I convince myself to watch it some time during the next five years or so.

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