Are these newer anime worth watching?

In January I wrote a post Are These Newer Anime Worth Watching? asking if Parasyte – The Maxim, Akame ga Kill or Tokyo Ghoul are worth watching. I have now finished watching all three of these anime so I’m going to do another list of even newer anime to get some more feedback on whether or not they are worth watching. This will be followed by me going through and putting my answers from the anime in the previous post.
So without further adieu.

Are these newer anime worth watching?



Rokka No Yuusha




And here are the answers to whether or not I thought the three anime I listed on my previous post are worth watching. Just think of them as mini reviews if you want.


It seems I watched the best anime first as Parasyte – The Maxim is about to enter my top 10 anime list. Some people say that the second part wasn’t as good as the first but, aside from parts from the ending, there were scenes in the second part that were the highlight of the entire series. Although there is some bad background animation and BGM earlier on in the series, the series does the character design of Steins;Gate better than Steins;Gate and the character growth of Tokyo Ghoul better than Tokyo Ghoul. So yeah, best of the 3 and yes, Parasyte – The Maxim IS worth watching.


From best to worst it seems. Akame ga Kill felt like an action shōnen in fast forward with a very inconsistent fantasy setting. The formula it takes to try to make you care for the villains and minor characters is so transparent you can pretty easily predict who’s going to die next, taking away any emotional attachment these scenes might have had. The only appeal this anime had was the action, which is pretty mediocre in comparison to other action anime, and how explicit the deaths are for shock value. But when all a series has to go on is shock value then I really don’t think I can say Akame ga Kill is worth watching.


Now Tokyo Ghoul was a nice surprise. When it first aired online everyone’s main complaint was about it’s shadowed or color inverted censorship but considering this was removed for the actual release you might as well complain about it being in Japanese before it was dubbed. Granted, the teen angst made the main character a bit of a downer but this only made the great minor characters stand out even more when the limelight changed it’s direction just long enough to feel some time had passed and enough relationships had built before he goes full badass. So yes, it IS worth watching.

So, are there other newer anime that you think I should be watching?

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10 Responses to Are these newer anime worth watching?

  1. Parasyte is probably the best anime I have watched this year. I am sorta interested in checking out Tokyo Ghoul, but the reviews for season 2 have put me off a bit.

  2. Mack says:

    I think based on the ones I’ve seen I recommend Rokka no Yusha, as it’s enjoyable and has this mystery essence in all of its chapters. Gate could’ve been better but I think that’s why there will be a 2nd season.

  3. Silvachief says:

    It’s not really an answer to your question but i’m planning on watching Gate and Rokka no Yuusha out of those. A quick check on the other two decided that I wasn’t interested, though Gangsta was close and might line up with your interests better. God Eater’s game was pretty bad, so i’m not all that interested in the anime (which has some relatively negative reviews anyway).

    • Silvachief says:

      Also, regarding the comment below me, i’d be incredibly surprised if you enjoyed Shimoneta. I haven’t seen it, but given your reaction to similar subject matter…
      Still, I suppose there’s the off chance you’ll enjoy how ridiculous it seems to be.

    • Lazarinth says:

      God Eater looks almost like newer Guilty Crown, Gangsta looks like a new black lagoon and Gate just looks like another gamer one with different premise. From what I’ve heard of Rokka no Yuusha being like final fantasy that will be the first one my list I think.

  4. MindMischief says:

    Shimoneta!!! Best show of last season.

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