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How Identity Politics Will END Western Civilization

Do the sins of the father get passed down to the son? If not, then it shouldn’t be hard to believe that no one should be judged for who they are, but only what they’ve done. If yes, be careful … Continue reading

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Chapter 2: Found Another Kid Today

I sincerely hope there’s not an afterlife, I don’t want to have to remember the shit I’ve seen. I’m not deluded. I know that most people in this world have it an entire spectrum worse off than me, but those … Continue reading

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Best Anime Action Film?

Didn’t see your favorite? Put it in the comments.

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Share and Win Free Books

I’m helping my publishers with this promo where you can get free books if you share this link. Not sure how it works, but I want free books myself anyway so this will help me in the long run. reading

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