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Aldnoah.Zero & Zankyou no Terror [Double Anime Review]

Note to Reader: I’m going to try to make these as brief and as spoiler free as possible because the endings of both of these are amazing and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. I finished watching these … Continue reading

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Finally, the End of Naruto [Anime/Manga Retrospect]

In any media when something becomes very popular it gains its fair share of Haters. These Haters can have various reasons from the rational of it just not being their cup’O tea to the irrational of hating it just because … Continue reading

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Toys from Tokyo

Well we’re here, the capital and I have been wasting many a yen on souvenirs for people back home. First of all this is the view of Tokyo from our hotel room. Some sight, am I right? The place is … Continue reading

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Hiroshima was the Bomb!

Log 2 This is the part of the trip that might be lacking in the geek department but for those of you into old Japanes culture do I have something for you.   We left Osaka with a heartfelt farewell … Continue reading

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Ooh, aah, Osaka! (Sights & Anime Souvenirs)

Log 1 My journey has only begun and I’ve already seen more of this country than on my first trip. Here’s how it’s gone so far with some photos to guide your imagination. (Massive pictures, click to enlarge smaller photos) … Continue reading

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