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Does “Free Will” Exist?

This is an argument that I’m still working on so please tell me if or where you think I’m wrong here. 1 – Anything that is restricted, limited, regulated, or is contained in any way cannot be fully free. 2 … Continue reading

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Finally, MY book is out!

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Pre-release Youtube Interview

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Pre-Release Interview #1

I have 2 pre-release book interviews over the next two days, one written the other on a youtube podcast. The video one will be on youtube on the 19th as the book is released. Here’s the written one:

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A new book from another awesome author!

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[Announcement] Ritualist book release!

Dakota Krout is the badass author of The Divine Dungeon series and a super nice guy to boot, so go check out his new book: Amazon link: Release date: TODAY! Price: $4.99 or KU Description blurb: The decision to … Continue reading

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Pre-Release Podcast Interview

In preparation for the release of my 3rd book in the DSS, I’m going to be interviewed on the LitRPG Podcast on the 17th and the interviewer is asking if anyone has any fun or odd questions that you’d want me to answer … Continue reading

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