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Top 5 Ways to Break Final Fantasy VIII

#5. Drawing Magic from the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell This is #5 because it can’t be accessed until Disc 3 and I want to focus on breaks early on in the game. On these islands are multiple draw … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive [Anime Review]

I seriously geeked-out over this film, both before and long after I’d watched it. If you thought that Final Fantasy XV was missing an epic opening cut scene that most Final Fantasy games have, then this film is that opening … Continue reading

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Breaking Final Fantasy Games

Most of the Final Fantasy games are broken, some more so than others. A few of them can be broken by glitches, others just through elements of the game that were overlooked before they were released. Considering I’ve only played … Continue reading

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[Guest Game Review] Final Fantasy XIV

With Final Fantasy XV coming out soon, and Final Fantasy being my favorite game series, NeverSoftly will be reviewing FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward on my behalf: After the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 released back in 2011, SquareEnix shutdown and … Continue reading

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On ‘Watching’ Games

I wouldn’t call myself a Gamer, not because I don’t like games but because I’m too poor to afford the technology I need to play most of them. However, I do have (just) enough technology to watch youtube and it … Continue reading

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Amazing Final Fantasy VII Fight Scenes Not From Final Fantasy VII

Here are two of my favorite fighting cutscenes from gaming and though they both involve characters from Final Fantasy VII neither are from the Final Fantasy VII game itself. Firstly we have the fight scene between the SOLDIERS Angeal, Genesis … Continue reading

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