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PSA: Knowing When to Shill

Recently I was offered to put sponsored content on my blog for a fair amount of money. Now if what they were asking me to sponsor was something relevant to my blog or something I would’ve promoted anyway, I might … Continue reading

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An Author’s Most Important Paragraph

After years of submissions I’ve discovered the most important part of any query or cover letter for fiction submissions. This is the pitch, or the ‘mini-synopsis’ as I like to call it. It goes between the introduction and mini-biography and … Continue reading

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Durarara!! [Anime Review]

How can an anime do so many things right and yet end up being just alright? Welcome back to reviews for things relating the to the next book I’m going to have published and this time we are going to … Continue reading

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[Anime Music Spotlight] My Hero Academia – The Day

Here’s a secret, I enjoyed the My Hero Academia anime more than One Punch Man *gasp*. Despite it being a legit shonen manga and One Punch Man being a shonen comedy deconstruction, which is usually my preference, I got a … Continue reading

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Are these newer anime worth watching?

Time for the second lot of anime to watch for this year. If you look at my last are these worth watching posts, you might find a common trend behind at least the first two of three anime that I ask if I … Continue reading

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Wooden Horses – A Modern Retelling of The Iliad

Alex stopped outside the mansion. After seeing the seven-story limestone building, he frowned and looked down at the scrap of paper. Under a streetlight, it read 57 East 64th Street, NYC. “That can’t be right.” “Is this not right the … Continue reading

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Talking about Blogging and Writing at a High School

I’m going to a high school to talk about writing and blogging tomorrow, so this is the most minimalistic, kid-friendly filler for something that the students will hopefully see first if they ever decide to actually visit this den of filth and … Continue reading

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