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Why Literary Agents Aren’t Requesting From You (A Lesson in Re-framing Stories for the Diversity Market)

It’s very unlikely that the book you want to write, or have already written, is a book that will sell. One need only look at the Manuscript Wish List hashtag (#MSWL) to find out why agents and publishers aren’t requesting … Continue reading

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My favorite reaction to Stuck in the Game’s twist ending so far

A new friend of mine finished Stuck in the Game yesterday and I just happened to be in the room playing my partner’s Nintendo 3DS and drinking chocolate milk when he did, allowing to me to hear his outraged reaction … Continue reading

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Vicious by V.E. Schwab [Book Review]

Let’s start this media roll out with some dark contemporary fantasy. No matter what I have to say about the author of this book, Vicious has stayed in my memory as a great novel for two years since I read it. This … Continue reading

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Another Publishing Contract – All Aboard the Hype Train!

So I woke up today with another publishing contract waiting in my inbox. Which novel is it for, you ask? What’s it all about? Well, I really don’t want to ruin that surprise until I have an announcement link for it on … Continue reading

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[Announcement] Visual Novel Recommendations

I’ll admit right off the bat that I haven’t read as many visual novels as your avid visual novel fan. Like with reading eBooks, I find that reading a screen for long periods of time induces headaches, which could be as … Continue reading

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