My favorite reaction to Stuck in the Game’s twist ending so far

mob-4A new friend of mine finished Stuck in the Game yesterday and I just happened to be in the room playing my partner’s Nintendo 3DS and drinking chocolate milk when he did, allowing to me to hear his outraged reaction when he finally reached the twist ending that takes place in the last ten pages, which I had written for the very point of making people see the rest of the story in a completely new light. His outburst when as so:

“What? Oooh… you fucking asshole!”

From the utter hatred in his voice when he said this, I proceeded to spray chocolate milk out of my nose all over my partner’s 3DS (luckily it still works). Why I found this so funny is that it was exact reaction I’d had when finishing books that ended on cliff hangers in the past. Although you couldn’t say Stuck in the Game ended on a “cliff hanger”, you could say that it changes everything from the story’s mystery to the main character’s motivation so thoroughly that it practically demands a sequel, which I haven’t even start yet…


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