Another Publishing Contract – All Aboard the Hype Train!

tumblr_mgya1txbyj1qhh7tbo1_1280So I woke up today with another publishing contract waiting in my inbox. Which novel is it for, you ask? What’s it all about? Well, I really don’t want to ruin that surprise until I have an announcement link for it on my new publisher’s website. Like with Stuck in the Game, I’m going to build up an idea of what the story is like from my next collection of reviews for things that either inspired me to write it, or were similar enough that it easily could have if I’d seen them beforehand. In other words fellas, it’s time a start up the hype train again!

416 Because I know there are different preferences for different mediums among my readers, I will try to do a review for each medium I generally cover on this blog. This way, if any of the things I write reviews for are things you have enjoyed in the past, or could enjoy in the future, you might be encouraged to give the novel a go when its finally published. Whatever the case, this post will help get the ball rolling for what’s going to come next.


GET HYPED!9dcvdcu

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