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Finally, MY book is out!

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Stuck in the Game = Amazon Best Seller?

One last thing before I go…

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Ready… Steady… Sequel Launch! (Dream State Saga Book 2)

Back in the Game is now available on Kindle Unlimited over on Amazon!

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[Announcement] Cover Art for Back in the Game!!

Finally I can reveal to everyone what I’ve been holding back for a while now. And I know what you’re thinking: “The hooded guy looks exactly the same as in the last one!” NOT TRUE! Take a closer look and … Continue reading

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Discovering LitRPG

Turns out I’ve been barking up the wrong tree as far as Stuck in the Game‘s genre goes! With its science fiction elements, I assumed cyberpunk was the genre I should be selling it under. I had no idea that there … Continue reading

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MRW my publisher asks me if I can have the next book in a series ready in the next month (P.S. Stuck in the Game sequel 2017)

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My favorite reaction to Stuck in the Game’s twist ending so far

A new friend of mine finished Stuck in the Game yesterday and I just happened to be in the room playing my partner’s Nintendo 3DS and drinking chocolate milk when he did, allowing to me to hear his outraged reaction … Continue reading

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A Visual Tour of Stuck in the Game

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Science Fantasy (Via Cyberpunk)

I was trying to think of a decent story I could write to bridge science fiction to fantasy through the cyberpunk genre, but then realized that the best possible science fantasy story using cyberpunk already exists, that being my own … Continue reading

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Reviews for Stuck in the Game – Round One

The reviews are in and they’ve been pretty good so far (mostly four stars, which I can live with). Here are a few of the blogger reviews that gave spotlights to the book on their respective blogs. You should go … Continue reading

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