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Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) [Anime Review]

Despite despising romance anime, I make an exception for one director: Makoto Shinkai. I’ve been a big fan of his ever since watching The Place Promised in Our Early Days, ironically, in my early days. His films are always stunning with impeccable … Continue reading

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A Rant on Wizardchan, MGTOW & Otaku who say “3D Women”

As someone who was single for a large part their life, I’ll freely admit that being a single straight guy trying to find love can be a struggle. There are terrible moments of anxiety, insecurity and heart crushing rejection, enough so … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive [Anime Review]

I seriously geeked-out over this film, both before and long after I’d watched it. If you thought that Final Fantasy XV was missing an epic opening cut scene that most Final Fantasy games have, then this film is that opening … Continue reading

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The Japanese Pro-Natalism Conspiracy

Being anti-natalist, I’m very suspicious of anything that attempts to convince people to have babies. So when a video I watched suggested the idea that there are a collection of anime and movies trying to do this, it made a … Continue reading

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