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Why Japan’s Child Pornography Ban Doesn’t Affect Anime and Manga

When it comes to ALL laws my opinion has always been that ‘If it doesn’t unconsensually hurt anyone then have at it’. This applies to my opinion on drug laws, prostitution laws and (as seen in the title) pornography laws. … Continue reading

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What I’ve Wanted to Talk About Lately #2 – Religion Seems Rather Childish To Me

Secondly: The thoughts some religious people have that seem rather childish to me. Maybe it’s just me but thinking you have an invisible friend, be it a disciplinary father figure, an oddly neglectful all-powerful observer or the conscious embodiment of something … Continue reading

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What I’ve Wanted to Talk About Lately #1 – Unexplained Plot Devices

This is going to be the first of many short posts that I’m going to do on things I’ve been thinking about when it comes to fiction whether it be anime, film, books or visual novels. Firstly: Unexplained Plot Devices … Continue reading

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