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Top 5 Ways to Break Final Fantasy VIII

#5. Drawing Magic from the Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell This is #5 because it can’t be accessed until Disc 3 and I want to focus on breaks early on in the game. On these islands are multiple draw … Continue reading

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In Defense of LitRPG

After telling a friend about the LitRPG genre, he asked me, “Why would anyone read a book about someone playing a game when they could just play a game themselves?” This friend was a pretty passionate gamer, for a while it … Continue reading

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Grandia [Game Review]

Although graphics-wise it has aged about as well as most classic Playstation JRPGs such as Xenogears, Breath of Fire IV and FFVII, Grandia is a great fantasy adventure game that I had the pleasure to play through more than once during … Continue reading

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Voted Best Tales Game

When writing my favorite anime and books lists, I’m not afraid to admit to using a bit of confirmation bias, after all they’re my favorites. But when doing a ‘best of’ list, I need to crank out something a little more … Continue reading

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The best Tales games

Frequently in the Top 6 Tales of Xillia/2 (3 Times) Tales of Phantasia (4 Times) Tales of Graces F (5 Times) Most Commonly in the Top 3 Tales of Symphonia (5 Times) Tales of the Abyss (7 Times) Highest Number of … Continue reading

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Ready… Steady… Book Launch!

My novel STUCK IN THE GAME is now available on Amazon! Anyone who wants to buy it on sale for a few bucks, now’s your chance. For those who want a hard copy, you’ll be able to order it from … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Game Cover Launch!

Check out the gorgeous cover art for my new novel, Stuck in the Game: Release date: August 4th

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