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The Devil is a Part-Timer [Anime Review]

This anime has the most misleading beginning to a first episode I have ever watched. Seriously it starts off all demonic fantasy and then after a few epic action sequences it completely changes into a slice of life, fish out … Continue reading

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Air on the G-String [Anime/Game/VN Music Spotlight]

I was going to leave this for last on my classical music in anime list but I’ve lately recalled so many other brilliant pieces that I will need to review in the future such as Suiten Fur, Kanon D-Dur, Beethhoven’s … Continue reading

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Your Idea for an Anime

ATTENTION EVERYONE! Do any of you have an idea for an anime that you would like to see on screen? Any premises you would love to pitch to a director or production studio given the chance? If so I’m glad … Continue reading

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Visual Novel-Styled Anime

Let’s make a few things clear. This will not be about anime adapted from visual novels or visual novels with anime cut-scenes in them. This will be about anime with styles very similar to visual novels. This can be seen … Continue reading

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Words of Radiance (Holy Shit!)

When Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson was brought to my attention my first impression was ‘Over a thousand pages, aye? Well, let’s see how long it can keep my attention for.’ Less than a week later as I turned the … Continue reading

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