The Devil is a Part-Timer [Anime Review]

hataraku-maou-samaThis anime has the most misleading beginning to a first episode I have ever watched. Seriously it starts off all demonic fantasy and then after a few epic action sequences it completely changes into a slice of life, fish out of water comedy where the devil has to live in modern day Japan by working at a MgRonalds (completely different to a McDonalds BTW) … and it really works. It’s funny as hell when it needs to be, cool when it needs to be and feel-good when it needs to be.

Unfortunately, like most fish out of water stories, the comedy becomes less and less effective the more accustomed the characters become to their new environments. This eventually leads to the funny bits to being either the mixed romance moments, over-reactions to new discoveries and a bit of slap-stick to which the latter I found much more appealing. I mean the bit where Emi deflects Lucifer’s demon blast only for it ricochet into Maou’s face was priceless.

hataraku-maou-sama-51d424bfc7159I enjoyed the characters, dominantly the chemistry between Maou and Ashiya simply the because of Ashiya’s profusely worshiping and defending him despite who is around at the time. The thing that surprised me was that, unlike many anime that are adapted from light novels, it does not have an over arching narrator which makes sense considering how many point of views we see the story from. Though there is some comedy to be seen in it, the sudden and complete 180s of some of the antagonists from being villains to being friendlies confused me.

Then again I suppose I could chalk a lot of the negatives up to the amount of episodes it had, because this is a short series. This is a perfect example of one of the many anime that needed more than 13 episodes. There is always a chance for second season but in the case that this series goes all Firefly on itself I will say that there is one anime I would like to see a second season to more of than Angel Beats, though maybe not as much as Attack on Titan but it’s a close race.

hataraku_maou_sama_wallpaper_emi_ashiya_chiho (1)Summary: It has an effective enough beginning that it made me watch the rest of it but honestly the comedy ends up taking a backseat to the demonic plot and romantic subplots later on. Still that doesn’t make it not worth watching, in fact I would recommend it to anyone wanting to see a funny twist on the demonic fantasy and slice of life genres.

Ranking: 6.9/10


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2 Responses to The Devil is a Part-Timer [Anime Review]

  1. Silvachief says:

    The first episode may be misleading, but you don’t watch an anime with this name and expect action =P
    I rate TDIAPT slightly higher than you have, possibly because I enjoyed the balance between comedy and plot a little more. I did have some complaints, which i’ll elaborate on in my review, but overall I found TDIAPT to be a lot of fun and therefore deserving of an 8/10 rating. Having said that, there’s a good chance the scales we’re measuring it on are different.

    • Lazarinth says:

      For me 5 is an average and 9 is generally my top score, TDIAPT got a 7 because it’s right between average and great… so I guess a good. (Edit: after further consideration I added another .5). A 10 is exclusively for my own personal #1 favorite of that media platform (hence Way of Kings getting a 10).

      I guess the main part we differ in ranks is that you consider a 6 an average as well. For me a 6 would be a smidgen above average. I guess, as you would put it, its still rather ‘enjoyable’ for small reasons, so equivalent to your 7 I suppose.

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