Your Idea for an Anime

ATTENTION EVERYONE! Do any of you have an idea for an anime that you would like to see on screen? Any premises you would love to pitch to a director or production studio given the chance?

ev_maou_04aIf so I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one. For those open enough to share I would love to hear your ideas. Be as vague or as detailed with your story as you want.

Click here to see my own short premise of what I think would be a cool anime.

My premise:

War torn futuristic world, a unit of stealth soldiers are sent to steal a valuable data chip the enemy needs to complete their FINAL SOLUTION device. You are a simple Lieutenant in this unit but under the command of a bad-ass Captain who seems to know what’s going to happen before it happens. Why? Because he has seen all this before, he knows the future and he plans to change it. You are determined to follow and help him in his ambitions at any cost because in this future he has seen, you are already dead.

What do you think, too much, seen it before? Probably, but let’s see your ideas.

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27 Responses to Your Idea for an Anime

  1. Anonymous says:

    love em

  2. Martyn McMurray says:

    I’ve this idea for a slice-of-life anime by TRIGGER. (I haven’t thought of the title) Well, here you go:
    Back in the day, a vampire named Cassius and a sorcerer named Gavroche terrorised a European village for many years. They soon hatched a plan for world domination, but it was that very moment the villagers decided to form an angry mob and take down the evil duo. The two would struggle against the angry mob and they would find themselves backing into a corner. With the sun rising up and the mob hot on their heels, Gavroche decided to sacrifice himself so that Cassius can safely get away. Cassius reluctantly manages to escape and goes into hiding for years while the mob burns his partner, who swore vengeance on humanity. However, the sorcerer isn’t dead and is actually very slowly resurrecting himself. When Gavroche finally pieces himself together 202 years later he goes to find his old vampire friend who has changed with the times; Cassius no longer wants to rule the world, he just wants play video games and eat pizza.

  3. Prevail says:

    Oh I have got an idea, first and foremost I would like to thank anyone going out of their way to read this, so this the plot.

    There is a realm called the Veztreck realm

    This realm is identical to the human realm except everyone is born with 1 power out of the following
    – Super intelligence
    – Endurance, athletic abilities
    -2 lives, your life span is doubled, you age slower and if you get shot in the heart instead of dying you get life span halved
    – The ability to know when someone is lying and to be able to tell someones whole life just by looking at their face ( like you can tell where the guy lives what car he drives just by looking at his face)

    However 1 day, a boy named Crizon is born not with 1 power but will all of them, after his birth the goverment find about this and decide to capture him, Crizon’s parents saw this coming so when they heard a loud knock on their door by the police they hid Crizon in the closet and then they open the door, the police demand for the child put the parents refuse so they decide to go ahead and kill the parents, there were little holes int he closet so Crizon so all of this.
    Crizon gets found by a man named Parven, Parven takes the boy and raises him, when Crizon gets older he decides to go the human realm without anyone knowing, however Crizon forgets that when someone from the Veztreck realm enters a human realm, huge consequences could happen…

    I leave it there I have much more to say and I will add more soon.

  4. Haylie says:

    I want to create a manga. I’m in highschool and I want nothing more than to inspire the next generation like so many anime creators have done for me. Youth these days are.. let’s just say not looking too well! Ever since I was a kid I loved nothing more than to imagine I was somewhere else. I was always off in my daydreams, or even reading a book. I was often all alone with just my stuffed animals. I wrote day after day writing songs, poems, and short stories. Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to do other than create life, and project it out of my thoughts. I tell myself I sound like an idiot maybe trying to follow a dream such as mine. But, if Luffy won’t give up on being Pirate King, why should I give up on being able to express my dreams with others? I know everyone one way or another has struggled on, “what’s next to watch?”, I have. I’ll be going to college soon studying some PT stuff, but I feel like it isn’t for me. Deep down I feel there isn’t anything I else I rather be doing than writing away stories for people to see. I was told dreams like mine don’t happen. But…I won’t let that stop me. So what if I get seen as an amateur? I will simply just say, “No matter who you are, everyone has to start from somewhere.” I guess just wish me luck that’s all! Finding an illustrator is my goal after plotting out my story. I also wish everyone here the best of luck. : )

  5. Rimper says:

    This anime will be called Shadow Eye. It’s about a short young middle school student, who gets bullied a lot for being so short. Also, little did he know, the bullies were not human, and they were actually demons disguised as humans, humans can’t see their demon form without the shadow eye. And the only way to get the shadow eye, is to take a single pill which is very rare to find and isn’t sold in stores and it’s hidden in other pill bottles, while the student attempts suicide, he tries to over dose but takes the special pill with out knowing, and he survives the overdose and he finds out about the bullies and he has to stop them before they attack the whole world

  6. Hashim Ooz says:

    Centuries ago,Earth was completely devastated leaving some survivors.They were destroyed cause of a prophecy saying,”A time will come when the human boy will revolutionise all the universes”

    Nature energy,is the energy everywhere around,which when could be used rawly or converted into elements or other use.The colour of nature energy was blue,other colurs differed in uses like red one means a fire technique is about to be used.Humans were amongst the few species who had a unique ability,They had VISUAL PROWESS. Each family had a visual power and it was passed to decendants.

    There were types,somes transformed according to their power,some grew in size, whilst some evolved.They were classified in power level,ranging from 1 to 3 transformation (maximum).100 universes existed in all,and they all joined in one place,the MULTIVERSE WORLD,where all 99 universes meets on a massive planet in the 100th universe,UNIVERSE KENTO .Every universe has a Creator, Portal guardian,Defender,Destroyer and a Fighter who each have a role in its universe.
    They are the dreams of youngsters, Peace has settled from the last U-WAR,when all universe knew the existence of the multiverse and raged war.Creators from all universe has since then changed everything.Our universe,UON,among the forgotten universe,who is a buffoon for every others,has closed its portal,thus no connection with the multiverse,leaving itself with old technologies for ages until one day,he reappears,with the fighter as Lyon,stronger than you could comprehend,BEYOND COMPREHENSION.


    • Hashim Ooz says:

      Also,i have been playing this little imaginary world since i was 9,i played with small magnets which I used to make little human-like,where I thinked everything in my head,I really want to tell more but it will be long and you may say” fuck it,its too long”

  7. Just A Peep says:

    * Coughs * Alright hold on, it’s gonna be a long one.

    { Future Based } Kudaketa Jikan screwed up this time. He had shattered a time fragment of the future, being stuck in the universe until he retrieved the shattered fragments. Unfortunately, their current enemy, ‘The Shattered’ had came along as well, corrupting the shattered fragments, and now a apocalyptic corrupted time fragment race was roaming around, causing chaos left and right. He could easily destroy these creatures and sources over time, but here’s the catch. He couldn’t return afterwards, and the possibility of being caught due to being a Time Spirit was quite likely. Time spirits are kinda like time cops, keeping order so no one messes up the future past and present, as you can see, not everyone is perfect. 😛 Kudaketa was caught, and stuck in a scientific lab for research. He couldn’t let them screw up himself . . . it would unstable the fragment he was transported into and possibly collapse the future and cause— He was worrying too much, all he needed to do was get out of this lab . . . right? In his attempt to escape, he met one of the female scientist, well assistant to be more precise. Will this screwed up time cop and a fantasy obsessed scientist be able to complete their quest without fail, or do ‘The Shattered’ have bigger plans than just apocalyptic time corrupted monsters? That is for you my friend to decide. ;3

    Welp, time for explanation

    Time Spirit- Normal Time Cop
    Shattered Time Spirit- Able To Return To Time Spirit, Second Chance Phase
    Forever Shattered Time Spirit- Serves ‘The Shattered’, Basically a hell like organization

    Time Walkers- Zombie Like Time Monsters, Corrupting The Shattered Time Shard Fragments

    ‘The Shattered’ – Fallen Time Spirits, corrupted.

  8. Ty Smith says:

    I have an idea, if you like it please tell me and give me criticism…..

    What if you could use your personality in battle? In the year 2019, in a world that is a lot different than the one we live in, Demons (vampires, zombies, werewolves, the such) are on the loose daily. However, to combat this threat, all humans have an ability known as “Heartfire”. It manifests in different forms mattering on the individual. Through different schools and jobs, People can become “Slayers” and combat these evil demons. One boy, Ty Tsukishima, dreams of becoming a slayer so great, he can kill even God! By combining his ability to manifest his heartfire as literal flames with the Tsukishima-Style of martial arts, Ty tries to protect as many people as he can! But an evil organization known as “Deaths Hand” is after Ty and his fellow Tsukishima-Style users! Deaths hand is a group of demons and humans who are under alliance for an unknown cause. With the world as they know it on the line, the humans must fight back!

  9. Adam says:

    I have always wanted to share my anime idea for s long time, and bear with me ere when I tell you that I have had these characters and plot change with me since I was 8. I’m already in high school and the characters and plot are perfect now. Here goes.

    Elemental Guardians: (Basic plot) In the year 2016, humanity encounters an intelligent alien race that are similar to them, they called themselves the Kion, and they are the first race to encounter humans and vise Versa. Humanity and the Kion wanted to meet each other desperately, but mankind didn’t have the technology, but the Kion did. In 2018, a shuttle with four astronauts was sent to Mars as the Kion were headed for there. The four astronauts were from the four great nations of earth, the United States, Russia, China and the European Union. Once the astronauts landed on the human colony of project neo on Mars, they headed for a canyon near the colony. There they found dozens of large airships for miles, waiting for them were a group of Humanoid alien’s with blue skin. The encounter of the Kion launched humanity into a golden age were the planets of the solar system were terraformed (not Jupiter and Saturn) and man kind reached for the stars. Technology has advanced by 3000 years, but the year was only 2050, when mankind and the Kion set out for the local group of galaxies to search for more alien races, by 2070 a government housing more that 30000 intelligent species and over 12480000000000000000000 planets were found and joined the Union of the United Galaxies. Humanity and the Kion as well as the other species, colonized the entire Local Group of Galaxies. This was a golden age for humanity. But it ended on 2114 when scientists discovered that a large entity and parts of the universe were gone. On New Year’s Eve 2114, five young adults discover a large meteor creator with an object in it, there a warning is told upon them of a great danger that will destroy all life in our universe. The meteor grants these young adults the abilities of Air Water Earth Ligjtning and Fire. But outside the local group, many dimensions and multiverse shave been destroyed as a dark entity has been killing and taking the dimensions for eons. Leaving our local group as the only living objects in existence EVER. the adults given the elemental powers use these to fight minions of the dark entity called the Vortex. The minions have leaked into our union and plan to destroy the union before take over. The minions are the bodies of dead people from eons ago from the shattered dimensions. The guardians are told by a spiritual entity that they are the last line of guardians in existence as the others have fallen trying to protect their universes. This catches the military and other groups of people, now the Guardians, Union, dimensions jumpers, far aliens, and corrupted people see the vortex and guardians as threats and each plan their own ways to kill one another. All for the preservation of all life in existence.

  10. Cool dude says:

    My anime is a based on fantasy and Science fiction and romance a long time ago in a land where humans wield beasts in the form of blades a young man named raigen goes with his best friend named Nora to explore and find a old abandoned house a Nora runs to check it out and they stumble about wat is called a master blade contract which is used by the organization beast blades to make contract with spirit beasts spirit beasts r animals and creatures that have a unique energy in them known as spirit energy which gives them incredible powers and can fight evil spirits and demons that come from the underworld to bring chaos to the mortal world so the humans make contracts with spirit beasts and each human that chooses its beast and is bonded to it and is made partners when the contract is made the beast can turn into a weapon and the energy from the beast flows to the wielder and grants the user special unique abilities and other perks as well so raigen and Nora find a contract and found a book which said wat to do with it so Nora convinces raigen to try it not know wat it is so they each cut there finger and Nora signs her name in blood on the beast side and raigen signs his name on the wielder side but they both end up writing there names on each side and when they r finished the contract splits in two and a half of it goes into both of them and a mark appears on both of there right hands and then fades into there skin but once they went out side they r both knocked out unconscious and r taken by the organization of beast blades in the far future of there world and were brought there through a times space portal and both were taken to a different base and they both woke up with amnesia and don’t remember anything but there names so 10 years go by and raigen is 16 and Nora is 15 both r graduating from the Academy and r going to make there master blade contracts with different spirit beasts but the contracts both reject them because they both all ready have a partner and force from Nora’s contract pushes her back and she hits her head and regains some of her memories and remembers raigen and her making the contract but she does not believe it so they both don’t graduate and r kept there so the organization can find out y the contracts rejected them and suddenly the academy is attack by a giant demon spirit and destroys half of the building suddenly the symbols for there contract appears on raigens and Nora’s right hand and the symbol for master appears on raigens and the symbol for weapon appears on Nora’s hand raigen knowing wat it’s means runs to nora to grab her hand when she is about to be crushed by a giant peace of the building raigen makes it in time and blows the wall away and finds a sword of perfect length and width in his hand both of them getting spirit energy from each other raigen explodes in power and in one slash kills the giant demon but is left past out on the ground with Nora in his hand and she reverts to human the both were born with spirit energy inside them now each time they fight the place of master and weapon changes each time now they must fight together against the demons and evil spirits created by the gods of chaos and darkness and discover the potential of there powers the origin of there past and where ther powers came from so story of there epic story begins

  11. Anonymous says:

    Setting: The setting is sorta like the one in the well-known anime “Fairy Tail”.

    Plot: Jason (his last name is unknown) was born with a terrible curse, anyone who is within 9 feet of him will die (whether you die fast or slow depends on how close you are to him). So ever since he was born (how did he survive as a baby?), he lived alone while rumors about him spread in the outside world, causing him to be disgusted and cursed upon. (In his previous life, Jason is a handsome and one of the 13 Lucky Gods in Heaven. Because he is allowed to marry, many other goddesses try to win his heart, especially Ciera. Ciera’s father tried to win over Jason for his daughter but fails and almost lost his dignity. Wanting revenge, he set up Jason and cause Heaven to reject him as a deity.) On a fateful day, the royal family of the land happened to be having a picnic in the forest, which is near the cave that Jason lived in. Princess Mirabella (age 9) was looking for her friend, Noelle in a game of hide n’ seek when it started to rain. So of course, she took shelter in a cave, but little did she know that “Jason the Cursed One” lived there. Hidden in the shadows, Jason (age 11) was afraid that the beautiful girl might die from the effects of his curse, so he pretended to be a monster to scare her away. But to his astonishment, the girl was not afraid and wanted to befriend the “so-called monster”. As Mirabella came closer, Jason warned her about the consequences of coming near him, but the stubborn girl did anyway. Mirabella did not die, even though the flower in her hand wilted, and showed compassion towards Jason. Mirabella even helps lift his curse, but only temporary. Whenever he became angry, his death magic would activate until he calmed down. But their friendship did not last long, however, for the princess disappeared 13 days after their destined meeting.
    (Mirabella’s father died from an unknown illness, so her stepmother, Queen Charlotte, took the throne. Fearing that one day she might have to hand the throne to Mirabella, she tried to engage the princess to her adopted nephew, Christian (there is no incest in this story!). But Mirabella refused and escaped the palace, so the Queen tried to kill her by sending assassins. When cornered by them, she jumps off a cliff/waterfall, hits her head, and loses her memory in the process. The assassins pity the beautiful girl and leaves thinking “what harm can a 9-year old girl do when she lost her memory?” Mirabella is taken and raised by a kind old wizard who lived nearby. He knew her past using his magic so he named her Mira.)
    7 years later, Jason meets a girl that is exactly like Mirabella. However, she claims her name is Mira, is not a princess, and does not know him. Jason believes that she is Mirabella despite her denies and tried to make her remember him. Mira thought that he was trying to “court” her and gave him a harsh thrashing.
    Jason, still not given up on his hope of reuniting with Mirabella, seeks help from the “kind old wizard”. The wizard agreed to help him on two conditions: he must, for 3 years, travel the world while using his magic to do good deeds (not including his death curse/magic, Jason uses air/sky magic), and that he must take Mira (whom uses celestial magic) along with him.
    On their bickering-filled adventures, they encountered Noelle, an ice wizard (she is also Mirabella’s best friend), and Zero, a fire wizard and the son of the Highest General in Hell. Together, the four forged a bond that nothing can break….(The story goes on from there but I have not yet decided details and ending.)

  12. Tyler Kirchner says:

    Hi Lazarinth, I have some really cool ideas…
    My characters name is Tyler Dragon. He grows up in a world of course surrounded by humans. My character is a white phoenix but he grew up with his best friend Drake who is the Silver Dragon. Growing up he had a really tuff childhood. People called him a freak because his eyes were of pure golden color. His hair is white and when he reaches his teen years he meets a girl by the name of Asperanza. She is a vampire and she has known him since he was born as his keeper…later on his keeper becomes his girlfriend. But during his life and during my series for him he is always being hunted by demons, angels, basically anything because his power if consumed will allow anyone ultimate power. He wears a black leather jacket with black pants that have chains…He uses a sword built in the fire of hell that has a bird on one side and a dragon on the other. He only has one major enemy and that would be himself but in a different form…and when Asperanza (his girlfriend) dies by him he truly becomes the white phoenix…

  13. Kai says:

    I had an idea once for an anime (which was something I even initiated into an RP in some random forum some time ago). An evil scientific organization was in the background experimenting on various civilizations, which had been going on for quite a while. The population of the city is then divided into several categories – the experimented, and the humans. The experimented are also divided into top class, who had magnificent power from the successful experiments, and the middle class, who had some control over their powers gotten from said experiments, with some setbacks, and the last class, which were pretty much failed-experiments-turned-zombies. The constant battle was fought between the side who support the science side, and those who do not. For some reason, I already have a good idea on just what kind of powers some of my would-be characters in it would have.

  14. Well, the only idea coming to mind centers around those historical fantasies the Japanese have been coming out with recently. Instead of gender-swapping Nobunaga Oda and similar figures, how about an anime with a similar concept based on American history? I think that the American Civil War, with all the colorful characters that fought in the conflict, would be a particularly apt setting for the gender swap. Plus, the idea sounds so outrageous.

    Of course, my fondest wish for a new anime series is simply for them to animate the Vinland Saga manga.

  15. Silvachief says:

    You’ve already seen all of my story ideas XD Though the one I would put forward for anime would be the mental hospital one.

    For your idea, I wonder if I see a hint of Muv-Luv in there =P Though I like the idea that the protagonist is forced to rely on someone else, making another quasi main character. I predict the death of the captain and subsequent scramble to decode his notebook or whatever clues he has left behind (of course, he couldn’t tell anyone what was going to happen because that would immediately change it).

    • Lazarinth says:

      Yeah, as I said Muv-Luv was in part what inspired the rewrite. It’s hard to imagine an entire anime situated around a mental hospital, unless told from character who can go from the setting physically or mentally. However, when it comes to the death of the captain you predict incorrectly though I can see from previous modern stories why you would think that. The idea was going to be that, at the points where Ryan was suppose to die, the POV’s swaps to him. Cliff-hangers entail.

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