Air on the G-String [Anime/Game/VN Music Spotlight]

I was going to leave this for last on my classical music in anime list but I’ve lately recalled so many other brilliant pieces that I will need to review in the future such as Suiten Fur, Kanon D-Dur, Beethhoven’s 9th as well as a few other little masterpieces.

So let’s get this beauty out of the way. What can I say about Air on the G-string? For me, besides being a nice melody, it’s best portrayed during tragic scenes which can be seen in films like The End of Evangelion or the live action film Battle Royal.

It also does well for other emotional scenes and character themes in Hyouka and Fairy Tail, and what is mentioning Air on the G-string with out mentioning G-senjou no Maou as the visual novel was mostly named after it.

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3 Responses to Air on the G-String [Anime/Game/VN Music Spotlight]

  1. Kai says:

    One of my favorite classical pieces which seem to be a track constantly used in the anime medium as well^^

    • Lazarinth says:

      My ambition for these classical musical spotlight is to start with the one most people would recognize and then go into introducing ones in certain anime that not many are aware of. I had no idea how many anime use obscure classical music in rare scenes.

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Oh look it’s nude Rei. She’s not even wearing a g-string.

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