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Dream State Saga


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Another hurtle toward the triple digits has been passed. Thank you, Maestro, for being my 300th follower! Posts will follow.

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My response to an article from a Sasuke Fan-boy.

What you wrote on imgur was (both grammatically and argumentatively) bad: Sasuke’s story is of a Shinobi who descended into the darkness (By joining an evil group of shinobi, ironically something Itachi himself did, despite saying he wouldn’t follow in … Continue reading

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Act 1 – Woman

The black form Fenix had seen in the crowd in Denzil remained on his mind. He couldn’t help but make a connection between her and the operatives they had dropped in the forest. Yet he hadn’t seen any of them … Continue reading

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Act 1 – Pitstop

Out from the railway in the depth of the forest, Fenix knelt over one of the few operatives that looked to be conscious. He was starting to think that maybe he had been a bit too rough during his questioning. … Continue reading

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An Example of a 5 Act Structure

Act 1 Forest Journey: Fenix and Ryan are on a mission to transport a secret device through a wartorn country to the island it originally came from by train. Chapter 1 – Train/Group: Getting the device in a suitcase, they … Continue reading

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I love this comedy music video

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