Top 10 Batman Animated Films

Aside from my last post, there are parts of DC Comics that I do enjoy, mostly to do with Batman. So with that in mind here are my top 10-ish animated Batman films. Because these are all pretty great, I’ve decided to do them in what loose chronological order I could find, and because trying to make a logical chronological order of these is almost impossible, you might find some mistakes with this multiverse’s chronology. Either way, if you ever decide to watch these films, this is a good viewing order.

batman-gotham-knight-51ab3d026260f1. Gotham Knight

First because these take place all over Batman’s timeline from his earlier training to his later days of crime fighting. The Animatrix film but with Batman instead of the Matrix, a really good collection of short films done by various animators.

batmanyearone2. Year One

Set during Batman’s first year as Batman. This is pretty much if Batman Begins actually followed the comic’s original story. Frank Miller’s second outing into Batman and still better than the majority of adaptations out there.

22-years-later-does-batman-mask-of-the-phantasm-still-hold-up-5556153. The Mask of the Phantasm

Set before Batman had any personal grudges against the Joker, this shows Batman in his prime and has a bit of the backstory of the sacrifices Bruce Wayne had to make in order to continue fighting crime as the caped crusader.

under-the-red-hood4. Under the Red Hood

Set later on in Batman’s career covering the events of the second Robin’s, Jason Todd’s, death and rebirth. Involving both old and older Robin, Dick Grayson’s Nightwing, this film starts showing the baggage taken on by Batman’s sidekicks.

batman_the_killing_joke_2016-1920x12005. The Killing Joke

Set after both Robins have left and Batgirl has retired, this continues the streak of Batman’s sidekicks being messed up by the Joker. Adapted from the story by Alan Moore of Batgirl’s downfall, and in a way, the Joker’s as well.

1ArkhamBanner6. Assualt on Arkham

Set after Batman has defeated most of his old enemies, this film focuses on the bad guy’s point of view. It’s pretty much Suicide Squad if it was good and doesn’t focus on any of Batman’s sidekicks because it’s set after the flashback events in Return of the Joker… probably.

batman-the-dark-knight-Bruce-Timm-DC-Comics7. The Dark Knight Returns

Set during Batman’s retirement, it focuses on his return to crime fighting and his fight against Superman. At the end he is training younger men to work for him. I can only guess that this fails because of who he hires in the next film. (Doesn’t really fix the chronology considering the contradictions of the different way the Joker dies in them.)

85138. Return of the Joker

A film set in the future Gotham of the Batman Beyond series where Terry McGuinness has taken the mantle of the caped crusader. This finalizes the sidekick story-lines this universe for it includes the story of Batman’s final Robin, Tim Drake, and how the the Joker in this universe is finally destroyed.

justice-league-the-flashpoint-paradox-screen-invasion-620x3399. Flash Point Paradox

Although this film focuses on the Flash and other members of the Justice League more than Bruce Wayne’s Batman, it’s necessary for the chronology of these films for this is point that the Flash changes the DC universe into the New 52, and how this affects Batman from who was Batman in the alternative world.

5317234-8506689128-tumbl10-ish. The Damian Wayne Series

So where Tim Drake was the fourth and final Robin in the old universe, Damian Wayne, Batman’s son is the fifth Robin who follows the path of almost every other Robin in the old universe. He joins the Teen Titans like Dick Grayson, he is linked through the Al Gul family like Jason Todd and Damian also dies… and he’ll probably come back like them as well knowing DC. They include: Bad Blood, Son of Batman, Batman Vs. Robin and Teen Titans Vs. Justice League.

 Now that The Killing Joke and A Death in the Family have been turned into films, one can only hope that The Death OF the Family will adapted soon as well, as it’s one of the more fucked up comics. It fits in between the equivalent of the flashback in The Return of the Joker but before the events of The Killing Joke… in the new universe… where every single character of the Bat family is still in action. One can hope.


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