Concept Art For My Fantasy Trilogy

Gods of the Mountain Cover

Last year I put up the concept art for Gods of the Mountain, the first book of my fantasy trilogy. Now that I’ve finished the trilogy and am passing out book three for beta readers to go through before sending it off to literary agents, I’ve decided to do the concept art for the next two books Poison for a King and Salting the Earth. Now remember that these are just rough concepts of how I would like them to look and if anyone knows of an artist who could either touch these up or do better versions please send me their contact info. Considering I put up a blurb with it last time I’ll include a refined version of it this time.


Ever since losing the war against the Avaani Empire, the desert city of Tyria has become a hive of conspiracy for its conquerors and cut-throat jobs for its surviving veterans. For the self-proclaimed ‘best mercenary in Tyria’, Faulk is driven by his desire to gain enough coin for the ale he needs to drown his sorrows and the ghosts of his past. When his old comrade from the war returns and shares with him a collection of symbols which endow him with special abilities, he reclaims his destiny without hesitation. He takes vengeance upon the killer of his old commander and journeys in search of the Lunari race, the source of his new powers. A Lunari Messenger, Yuweh, is sent by the gods of her people to track down Faulk and bring him to them before the ritual that created her gods can be triggered once again.

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