Liebster nom nom nom X3

Yesh, two in one week. Oh well, time to answer 11 more questions. This Liebster nomination is from LynLyn at LynLynSays who I talked to on my The Problem with Romance Anime Post. Considering this one isn’t as much about fantasy or anime, having already done one this week that I spent a lot of time on and that I’m falling a sleep while writing this, I’m going to make this one as short and to the point as possible.10497e034819f6521460528018dcb08c










  1. If you could describe your personality in three words, what three words would you use? And why those words? ‘Can’t be fucked’ – Because that’s my reaction to anything outside of my interests.
  2. Do you have a pet peeve? If so, what is it? Vague umbrella terms
  3. Do you think out loud? Yes
  4. Do you listen to music while you blog? If so, what genre of music? More audio books than music and generally of the fantasy genre, hence the name of the blog.
  5. If you could make a “Soundtrack of Your Life,” what five songs would you put? Childhood – ‘Wonderful’ by Everclear, Adolescence – ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park, Teenage – ‘Totally Fucked’ from the Awakening, Young Adult – ‘It sucks to be me’ from Avenue Q and ‘Ready to Die’ from Andrew WK for when I finally snap as an adult. 
  6. Have you ever went to karaoke? Did you like it, why or why not? No, because I couldn’t remember the lyrics to any of the songs.
  7. Coffee or tea? Not a big hot drink drinker.
  8. Your top five favorite books of all time (well so far in life)? Top 50 here.
  9. If you could rewrite the ending of a book, anime or manga? Which would it be and why? The Golden City by John Twelve Hawks, because it had so much potential for an amazing finale that was completely ruined by long pointless speeches. Despite being completely anti-fan fiction that’s the one ending I would love to re-write.
  10. If you knew the world is going to end tomorrow, what would you do on your last day? Eat the tastiest most expensive food near me, have as much sex as humanly possible and do a shit load of heroine before the end.
  11. Would you meet a blogger (or bloggers) in real life? If so, who and why? All of my favorite authors have blogs so I think that answers both questions.

I hope there’s no hurt feelings about me not passing this on but I know that the majority of bloggers I do follow have already been “nominated” and I’m unaware of any newer bloggers that haven’t. If anyone feels neglected from this feel free to say so in the comments and I will nominate you.

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5 Responses to Liebster nom nom nom X3

  1. lynlynsays says:

    Numb by Linkin Park is a pretty good song.

    And also, you have the same view as me. I would eat the most delicious and expensive food out there. I laughed at the “have as much sex as humanly possible.” haha

    • Lazarinth says:

      Trying to be honest. Linkin Park was my childhood more than Disney was, and yes I was an edgy teenager.

      • lynlynsays says:

        LOL. Seriously, its okay. I liked the whole alternative rock scene too when I was younger (even though I didn’t look the part for it). I listened to Linkin Park, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Saosin, Armor For Sleep, and a bunch of other bands too.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Hah, back in de day. Fantasy audiobooks, Anime and films are like my main focus now so it’s somewhat lucky that I’m living with a musician and a ‘professional gaymor’ as I get most music and gaming updates from them.

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