My fantasy short, A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning, has just been published. A partial reading was done by Rob Edwards on his podcast.

And you can get the full story here:
Or free on KU:…/…/B07CV3CT1X

Praise for A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning:
“A captivating tale that left me wanting more.” – M.L. Spencer, author of Darkmage

“A delightful story in the vein of Harry Potter, but with an intriguing premise all it’s own.” – Dyrk Ashton Ashton, author of Paternus

“A great introduction into the world of Melkai.” – MD Presley, author of The Woven Ring

“The monster summoning is great stuff, and Christopher executed the concept well.” – Andrew Rowe, author of Sufficiently Advanced Magic

“Mr. Keene has done an impressive amount of world-building in such a short span of time that I would be excited to see what would come from one of his novels.” – Jesse Teller, author of Song

“Christopher Keene creates a wonderful new set of monsters with his Fauastian variation on MMORPG summoners.” – Charles Phipps, Author of The Supervillainy Saga

“It was a fun read, like a mix between Sword in the Stone and Pokemon.” – Wade Garret, author of Genesis

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