Best Anime Fight Scene Countdown: 5th – 1st place (The Seinen 5)


No more kid gloves, from now on these fights are for adults. Beginning the 2nd part of this list is the final fight of one of my favorite seinen anime; Fate/Zero. Guns, magic, melee and hand-to-hand, ‘Kirei vs Kiritsugu’ has many levels of strategy through each of these methods of combat. Considering much of the fight is in the flow of consciousness going through the character’s heads during their duel I haven’t cut it up with a song but only edited it to be just the fight. Also the BGM that this fight was put to was awesome enough already not need it.


Number 4 is ‘Guts vs 100 Men’. The reason it isn’t higher is because despite the idea being epic it took two adaptions for me to have enough scenes from it to make it really get the feel that’s he’s fighting a hundred men. Otherwise this would have been number 3. Also some of the CG from the new films can be very hard to focus on unless you’re watching it at a super high quality, some people have even told me they preferred the older animation. Either way, I thought this song really suited the fight.


The bronze medal goes to the first fight in the Karas movies. ‘Otoha vs Eko’ fighting in this opening is just beautiful and though it’s somewhat hard to tell exactly what’s going on in the beginning this only teases you with the awesomeness that is to come. Like Tengou Tenge the best fight is at the beginning but unlike that anime I would suggest watching this one all the way through, it’s only two films and some of the scenes are just badass and man are they pretty. Aerial battles are a big love of mine and this was done just right.



The silver medal goes to ‘Spike vs Vicious and the Red Dragon Syndicate’. This was my number 1 for five straight years before the 1st place fight took it out by a hair’s breath. This fight is your classic goons to boss firefight scenario. With the final boss wielding a Katana and with the main character’s vision out of whack for the final fight they are forced to come in close and personal in the most realistic gun vs sword fight I have ever seen. The aspect I love the most about this fight is the symmetry where the opponents must pass back each other’s weapon for the final ‘quick-draw’ ending. A great fight for the end of a great anime.


*If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to not watch this video. Watch the whole film first.

Gold medal goes to Sword of the Stranger. ‘Nanashi vs Lou’ is the best sword fight I’ve seen in anime period and encompasses almost all of the badass qualities from the fights before it. The animation, the choreography, the realism of the struggle, it’s all just so damn satisfying. It’s just a great film with damn good fight scenes but obviously, as it is number 1 on this list, the final fight is just… just watch the damn film.

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2 Responses to Best Anime Fight Scene Countdown: 5th – 1st place (The Seinen 5)

  1. Kai says:

    Kirei vs Kiritsugu’s definitely my favorite fight out of Fate/Zero, but in part due to just how diverse both of them are; both in character and also combat style. Dat Cowboy Bepop as well.

  2. Reblogged this on Anime with the Tall Guy and commented:
    I gotta check these out when I get a chance!

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