Challenge: Recommend Me A Good Anime


Pretty straight forward right? Well maybe it will become more of a challenge when you see what I’ve watched. Comment your recommendations or send me a post of your own list of recommendations.

I’m a staunch believer that you shouldn’t recommend someone something you haven’t watched, read or listened to yourself. With this I’m also a staunch believer in not taking any recommendation seriously unless the recommender has watched, read or listened to the recommendation themselves. Like with the credibility of anything, whether it is an idea or a suggestion of media, my default position is zero. I will not be completely convinced of its quality or even its existence, until I see the evidence that backs it up. Therefore if someone is trying to convince me that a recommendation is good enough to spend my time watching, their own conviction would have to be one of a person who has watched it themselves.

Not only having watched it but also reasons, what aspects of their experience convinced you it was good enough to be recommended. It’s at this point where you could say something positive about the characters, plot or story, or even show me an AMV, trailer or clip of an action scene to show me the quality of its animation. Better yet, if it could be compared to something that I have enjoyed in the past then a comparison would work along the lines of their similarities and how these elements were done well. Even at this point I’ll still be skeptical, but if done correctly I just might give it a go.

So I guess a good place to start would be what I’ve watched already and if there is anything similar to those rated 9 or 10 go for gold.

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10 Responses to Challenge: Recommend Me A Good Anime

  1. I would recommend “C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control” if you haven’t watched it already. It poses questions that are similar to some of the ones in Code Geass (e.g. the worth of the future/present with or without the other) and is an interesting anime in many regards. It’s not a ‘perfect’ anime in any regard, but I think that it’s so experimental that everyone should give it a watch. It’s also only 11 episodes long.

  2. Mack says:

    What about Darker Than Black, the 2 seasons?. And also Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

  3. Fate Zero, Shiki, Persona 4, Wolf Children, The Girl who leapt through time, Arrietty, Bambo Blade, Clannad, Girls Und Panzer.

    • Lazarinth says:

      Shiki had been added to my list and I’ve been meaning to watch Arriety for a while now. Fate, persona, Wolf Children, Girl who leapt through time and clannad I have already watched.

  4. pippy1 says:

    I just wanted to say I found your site a few weeks ago by accident, and was shocked to find someone who loves both fantasy as well as visual novels. Anyways it seems like you have yet to see the kara no kyoukai movies, which I highly reccomend if you enjoyed the FSN VN or especially Fate Zero as they’re all done by type moon, with both Kyoukai and Zero being animated by ufotable.

  5. Silvachief says:

    You’re asking for a lot of evidence for your recommendations XD I’ve already discussed a number of series with you so i’ll include the more recent ones i’ve seen. Unfortunately for you, I offer no evidence or explanation.

    Another, Deadman Wonderland, Kyoukai no Kanata.

    They were all entertaining and worth watching, but none of them make my favorite series list (except perhaps Another).

  6. Ivie says:

    Sadly, I already see that you’ve watched Serial Experiments Lain and Speed Grapher….but I’d say give Paranoia Agent a try. And Afro Samurai.
    Okay, so offically, try watchiung Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue, and Paprika because they are amazing and psychological like Lain.
    And Afro Samurai because it’s bloody and awesome and has Samurai. 😀
    Sorry if you’ve seen any of these and I just didn’t notice.

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